Lindita performs jazz version of “World” live on Albania’s “E Diell”

On February 15 she and her composer Klodian Qafoku published a sneak peek of her freshly revamped song “World” on Facebook.

But that wasn’t the only version of the song the pair have been working on, as Lindita proved earlier this week on the Albanian TV show “E Diell” (The Sun).

For the program Lindita poured her soulful vocals into a jazz version of the song formerly known as “Botë”. Working some minor keys and a decidedly experimental sound, the opening had flashes of Rona Nishliu. The original melody remains apparent, but Lindita takes it in a whole new direction that’s mellow but still powerful. Never call her a one-trick pony!

Lindita didn’t just serve it vocally: She also worked it sartorially by wearing an all-blue body suit, including matching ankle booties.

She literally stood on point with her vertiginous spikes, and added drama with her flowing white cape, which befits this vocal superhero.

Clutching the mic she flashed her perfectly manicured nails, which were on fine display throughout. Looking at their length we can’t help but wonder how the woman texts on a mobile phone. Then again, her voice is so powerful she can probably just shout it out.

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At the end of January, just a few weeks after winning Albania’s Festivali i Kengës, Lindita appeared on “Good Morning Atlanta”, which is broadcast on the local FOX affiliate station FOX 5.

Lindita, who calls the capital of Georgia her home, explains Eurovision to the show’s American viewers, saying “it’s like the Olympics” before diving into the basic rules.

She also shared the message of her song. “It’s calling for world peace,” she says. “As an artist you always want to bring people together and my message is about no matter where you come from, no matter who you are, no matter your nationality, your ethnicity, we’re all one and we all bleed from the same blood, we all live under the same sky.”

When asked who her idols were growing up, she cites “Mariah, Whitney, Beyoncé — all the biggest vocal divas” from who she gleaned inspiration and technique.

In any case, are you loving the jazz version of Lindita’s song? Do you prefer it to the original orchestral number? And are you just dying to hear the final version for Eurovision? Let us know in the comments box below.

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