Jaques Houdek shares instrumental version of “My Friend” ahead of March 2 song reveal

The songs for Eurovision 2017 are coming thick and fast — but thankfully some artists are adding a bit of spice and variety.

And on Tuesday Croatia’s Jaques Houdek — a power vocalist with Pavarotti flair — joined the club by releasing a full instrumental version of his entry “My Friend”, which will be released in its full and final version on March 2.

Beautiful strings and a lovely melody, this instrumental suggests there is plenty of scope for drama on stage.

If one listens really closely, you may find references to other songs — including Faith Hill’s “There You’ll Be” and just a hint of “Let It Go.”

But I definitely don’t want to let this go. In mind mind it’s sounding very good and it’s safe to say that Croatia 2017 is going to be epic.

Naturally the instrumental version differs significantly from the actual song, which Jacques teased on February 24.

The 20-second sneak peek, which you can hear above, roars with energy, its strings drawing you in while simultaneously stirring drama. It balances symphonic with sass and suggests that Jacques will lean Pavarotti while pulling the song firmly into 2017.

Jacques wrote the song along with Siniša Reljic and Tony Malm, and collaborated with Ines Prajo, Arijana Kunštek and Fabrizio Laucella on the lyrics.

“I was developing the idea the whole summer and I’m especially proud of the song and its message of support,” he said in a statement sent to wiwibloggs. “I see it as an anthem that should have a positive influence on anyone who goes through difficult moments in their life because it celebrates life and the fact that every life is a miracle! This is a song of support with a generalized message that can be understood differently by different people, but it also brings us together in the celebration of diversity through its message of love — and love is the only thing that matters.”

What are your thoughts about the instrumental version of “My Friend”? Will this be Croatia’s ticket to the finals? Please let us know in the comments below.

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