Spain: Barei rebels against bullying on her new single “I Don’t Need To Be You”

She’s the independent artist who came out of nowhere to win Objetivo Eurovisión 2016.

And Spanish sensation Barei hasn’t slowed down since then, as she proved on Friday with the release of her latest song and music video “I Don’t Need To Be You”.

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The “Say Yay!” singer penned the tune in support of kids who, like her, have had to endure the jokes and disdain of their classmates. “I don’t need to fake, ’cause I’m more than a dummy!”, she says. Preach!

The track delivers a fierce message against bullying: “I don’t need to be the one I’m not”, “I never hurt no one for who they are”, “Just live and let me live”. And thank God she’s no one else, as Barei is just fabulous as she is!

Packed with electro beats, “I Don’t Need To Be You” is both current and danceable. A children’s choir supports the Spanish star, while a male voice helps build the bridge by repeating “Viva la vida”.

In order to tackle such a difficult topic, Barei decided to go big with the music video. She’s teamed up with Kidz On The Block, a teen dance ensemble, and serves us her trademark Eurovision footwork – but this time multiplied by 24!

Barei I Don’t Need To Be You (Official Music Video)

(If the music video doesn’t play, scroll down and listen to “I Don’t Need To Be You” using the Spotify playlist below)

Together with the new single, Barei has released quite a curious photoshoot:

Barei I Don't Need To Be You spaghetti photo shoot

Nom, nom! Barei wolfs down a bowl of spaghetti

Yes! She’s playing with spaghetti. What’s the point? Who cares, she doesn’t need to be fake!

“I Don’t Need To Be You” is Barei’s first release since parting ways with Universal, the label that signed her after her Objetivo Eurovisión 2016 victory.

What do you think of “I Don’t Need To Be You”? How does it compare to “Say Yay!”? Share your thoughts in the comment section or feel free to record yourself playing with spaghetti on the wiwibloggs app. Really, that would be so much fun if any of you did. 😉 *winks*


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