Czech Republic: Martina Barta releases her Eurovision 2017 song “My Turn”

Czech broadcaster Ceska Televize has been teasing us about their entry for a while.

But on Tuesday afternoon the secret came to an end as jazz singer Martina Barta finally revealed her dreamy song “My Turn”.

As fans have been quick to point out on social media, it is another ballad. However, ballads don’t come in black and white, but instead in shades of grey and this definitely has its own hue and sense of light.

The song flows smoothly and tenderly — it’s not screamy, nor does it rely on sheer vocal power to makes an impact. The song opens up slowly and sweetly, but draws strength from Martina’s soulful jazz delivery.

Thematically “My Turn” discusses the intimacy found within a relationship — and how together a couple can make it through the pain and strain of the every day. As the song progresses, Marta suggests it’s her turn to carry the weight of her partner’s burdens. Devotion wins the day, y’all.

As she says: “Baby it’s you/ every time I close my eyes/ it’s always been you/ and heaven knows I’ll always be waiting by your side.”

Taken on their own, those lyrics might read as schmaltz, but the classic instrumentation and Martina’s sincere delivery give this an authenticity that elevates it beyond cheese.

Judging from the rather fleshy thumbnail of the video, Martina will deliver an edgy music video and performance. As you can see, she’s supported by a series of people in their underwear and her breasts are clearly defined by her silky blouse.


That is the question on everybody’s lips. Martina is not particularly well-known even in the Czech Republic. In fact, hardly anyone knows her — at the time she was announced as the Czech act in February she only had a handful of likes on her Facebook page and less than 50 YouTube subscribers.

Of course, that is not a sign of her talent. But this song most definitely is.

Based in Berlin, the jazz singer also plays the French horn.

Jazz is quite a popular genre in the Czech Republic and if you walk around the streets of Prague you can find plenty of jazz clubs.

Martina is currently participating in Sinatrology — a swing gala night — alongside Dasha, the singer who was in discussions with Ceska Televize last year.


Since their Eurovision debut in 2007, the Czech Republic has only competed five times — and not always with the best results.

After scored nil points in their semi-final in 2009, Czechia took a four-year break from the competition. They returned in 2015 in much stronger form.

In Vienna, Marta Jandova & Vaclav Noid Barta’s entry “Hope Never Dies” still didn’t qualify for the final, but it managed 13th place and was a fan favourite. Then in Stockholm, Gabriela Guncikova made history when she became the very first Czech act to reach the final with her power ballad “I Stand”.

What do you think of “My Turn”? Will it bring the Czech Republic back to the final? Can it stand out among the other ballads? Let us know in the comments below!