San Marino to announce TWO artists for Eurovision 2017 this week

For months they’ve made us listen to the sound of silence, but now it’s time for San Marino to speak up and reveal their plans for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The little Republic nestled in the heart of Europe made headlines weeks ago when two Italian singers — Tony Maiello and Arisa — revealed that San Marino had asked them to represent the small nation upon payment of an amount between €300,000 and €500,000, stirring unwanted attention at the country’s state broadcaster, which immediately denied the allegations.

On March 7, San Marino RTV’s general manager Carlo Romeo spoke to Italian Eurovision source Eurofestival News about the matter: “It was a very complex year from this point of view”.

But they must now look to the future and to those wondering aloud what the tiny state is up to.

“In the end I think we chose the best solution with a non-EU artist and one coming from the EU who, I am sure, will come as a surprise. The announcement will be during the week”.

Eurofans are already dreaming of a duet between sizzling icons Serhat and Valentina Monetta! In just a few days our curiosity will come to an end…

San Marino’s televote

The interview also gave Romeo the chance to explain what has been decided about the alternative proposal for the televote, sent by San Marino RTV to the EBU.

As you may remember, in 2016 the EBU launched a new voting system — where both the jury vote and televote are counted separately. But owing to San Marino’s small population, its televote isn’t actually its televote.

As the EBU explained, for San Marino the “substitute result is calculated by the audience result of a pre-selected group of countries”.

Carlo Romeo promptly criticised that decision, and on February 2016 made a statement deeming the new system unacceptable.

On November 2016, San Marino RTV proposed a new method to calculate the Sanmarinese televote.

The proposal provides for the creation of a statistically representative sample of viewers of an X number of people living in San Marino. These ‘jurors’ need to watch two of the three Eurovision shows and vote online in the same time granted to other European viewers.

What response has come from the EBU? Carlo sounds dejected and angry when responding, suggesting that San Marino could say Arrivederci to the competition after Kyiv.

“No one talked to us and we’re disappointed. They didn’t have the good taste and the education to reply on the matter with an e-mail. And yet, it absolutely is a sensible proposal that would put an end to a kind of stupid and vicious discrimination against San Marino. To double the annual fee for small states, however, they did have all the attention and even our colleagues of the Italian subsidiary [It seems that he references the Italian delegation, Ed.] following this sector didn’t say anything or consult us about this decision taken without our considerations. Sorry to see that small states are considered at this low level by EBU. We’ll see after the Eurovision what to do”.

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