UK: Lucie Jones reveals revamped version of “Never Give Up On You” and music video

The UK made its decision for Eurovision 2017 earlier than usual in January, with Lucie Jones winning Eurovision: You Decide 2017. By bringing the selection forward, the BBC has allowed themselves plenty of time to rework her song, “Never Give Up On You”. The result of the revamp has just come out, along with the song’s official music video!

Lucie Jones — “Never Give Up On You”

The revamp builds on what the song originally did right and adds to them. There’s a real sense of atmosphere through the instrumentation now: it feels a lot less “musical theatre”, certainly. In particular, the final chorus now stands out much more than previously.

The lyrics — written in part by Emmelie de Forest, of course — haven’t changed, which means it still feels true to the song the UK public chose.

Most importantly, Lucie’s vocals are still the focus of the song. They’ve always been the best part of the track and it’s good to see that hasn’t been taken away from gimmickry. She’s great at emoting the song both live and in the music video, a simple affair which sees Lucie in different shots, bathed in and out of lights.

Lucie looks to have a busy few weeks ahead of the contest as well. She’s now confirmed to appear at both the London and Amsterdam pre-parties, which the UK is fast becoming a staple of.

There’s also the little matter of the press: Lucie already did the rounds following her victory, appearing on BBC Breakfast to brush off any Brexit fears. We’ll no doubt be seeing her on the Graham Norton Show prior to the contest as well, to have a chat with the UK’s commentator.

What do you think about the new version of “Never Give Up On You”? Do you think that it’s going to improve Lucie’s chances in Kyiv? Shout out all of your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app — available on iOS and Android — or in the comments section below.

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