Steps or Lucie: who would be your favourite for the UK?

It’s the comeback of the year so far. UK band Steps are making their return in a big way this week, with new single “Scared of the Dark”. With flashes of their old pop brilliance with subtle changes to their sound, it’s drawn rave reviews. They even occupied the top spot of the UK’s iTunes charts, knocking Ed Sheeran of first place.

But some people aren’t just happy about their chart success. It seem many people think the song could have led the UK to Eurovision success as well. Numerous people on social media since the song’s debut wish that Steps were going to Kyiv — and not Lucie Jones.

Steps — Scared of the Dark

Now, just to put the brakes on things a little bit here: obviously, the UK has already made its decision for Eurovision 2017. “Scared of the Dark” is also just too long to be entered anyway and would require some serious cutting, which might hurt the track overall.

Not only that, but Steps just are not interested in going to Eurovision. Whilst member Ian ‘H’ Watkins is “desperate” to take part, the band told The Sun they’ve turned it down multiple times. Saying the contest is “too political”, they also say:

“For us, because we’ve got such a lovely legacy and we’re so proud of what we’ve achieved, it’s like, we wouldn’t push any votes up for being there and doing that, and we enjoy it as a competition to watch but to actually be a part of it, I don’t think it would do anything for us. It’s massive and it just gets bigger every year”.

Not to be overshadowed by the group’s return though, the UK’s actual entry Lucie revealed the new version of her entry, “Never Give Up On You” last night:

Lucie Jones — Never Give Up On You

The revamp too has gone down well on social media, which makes us wonder: if y’all could choose, which would you rather see in Kyiv? Well, you can let us know in our poll of course:

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