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We move in to the top 20 of our top national final songs from the Eurovision 2017 season today. We’re counting down our list throughout the week, so make sure not to miss out on any of the songs. Relive those memories, y’all!

Today’s edition features some of the more unique offerings from this year. Eurovision can often be a case of “is it better to be loved by a small group, or liked by many?” — and that case can certainly be made for some of these.

20. “Discover Moldova” — Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu (Moldova)

No, not the name of the latest tourism campaign in Moldova — but they could probably use this as their music. “Discover Moldova” brought hints of the Buranovskiye Babushki back, but also felt like a unique song by itself. Certainly a fan favourite, they were perhaps only undone by the presence of the other fan favourite in Moldova.

Wiwi Jury: “The fusion of traditional musical elements with modern beats works really well here, and I think it would go down a storm with the Eurovision audience. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu’s entry has the feel-good factor, which should never be underestimated.” (Jason)

19. “Kewkba” — Janice Mangion (Malta)

The other pre-contest favourite in Malta, Janice Mangion brought something very different to the table this year: the Maltese language. So rarely heard in MESC (and not since 2000 at Eurovision), “Kewkba” was a very welcome change indeed. Janice finished just 500 votes behind Claudia Faniello too, proving that perhaps Malta are ready to give their native tongue a try at Eurovision.

Wiwi Jury: ““Kewbka” unfolds with magical moments one after the next. Janice’s voice is the perfect vehicle for this. It packs in a wide range of emotions, and serves it musical theatre style. Furthermore, I salute her bravery for singing in Maltese. It is a beautiful language, and her flawless vocals leave me wanting more.” (Deban)

18. “My Little World” — Club la Persé (Finland)

Click here to watch national final performance

Our little world was smashed to pieces when Club la Persé failed to make it through to Kyiv. Despite being mostly panned before the contest, Club la Persé’s outlandish club kid style and performance won many over at the UMK final. In a national final season filled to the brim with ballads, la Persé brought something very different.

Wiwi Jury: ““My Little World” brings their chaotic, gender-bending club-kids scene to UMK, with an uplifting dance track. This song will annoy the heck out of people who like their Eurovision entries super serious, but for everyone else, the dance floor is this way.” (Robyn)

17. “I Don’t Give A” — Lisa Ajax (Sweden)

Get the bleep machine fired up for this one. Lisa Ajax’s return to Melodifestivalen was littered with f-bombs aplenty in the empowering “I Don’t Give A”. Whilst it did look like she might have stolen some of Nina Kraljic’s raincoat, Lisa once again sounded great throughout Melfest. This was about showing her maturity one way or another. Lisa may have finished last with the televote in the final, but she’s certainly not last with us.

Wiwi Jury: Lisa’s is all about attitude and determination with “I Don’t Give A”. But behind this breakthrough and the you’re-worth-it track, it still feels sweet. Her voice is mesmerising, angelic and pure and she has mixed it with a current but really pop sound. It works. (Jordi)

16. “I’m Like A Wolf” — Aiste Pilvelyte (Lithuania)

For the first time since 2014, we’re approaching a Eurovision without the presence of Aminata Savadogo. The Latvian star left her native country behind this year, opting instead to write “I’m Like a Wolf” for Lithuania’s Aiste. The drawn out process and bizarre last minute judging changes meant Aiste ran out of steam at the final, though. We were left howling in disappointment!

Wiwi Jury: “While I don’t think this would win Eurovision, it should have little difficulty keeping Lithuania in the Top 10. The Aminata influence is obvious but Aiste is allowed to show off her powerful vocals and she’s a cut above the competition. This wolf has got teeth and she’s coming for blood.” (Antranig)

What do you think of the five songs on our list today? Were any of them your big favourites? Let us know all your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app, or in the comments section below!

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I agree that a great rock song as “Hearts Align”, definately should not be……dismissed!


And I always wondered, why did a respectable trance DJ like JS16 get himself mixed up with a trainwreck like Club La Persé?

@(J)ESC: How did they make it? Either the Wiwi staff have a taste for the absurd, or they just didn’t read the polls they created or their own Wiwi jury grades, where in both polls and at UMK itself, La Persé was next-to-last.


WAAAAAAAY too damn low for Janice’s “Kewkba”. And you got Club La Persé AHEAD of her? What are you guys smokin’?! >:-X

Tomas Patrick Davitt

Absolutely love ‘My Little World’ – super different.

You’re totally right about the performance – I was on one of the ones who was won over by that.


All of these are pretty bad.



“My Little World” is one of the worst songs I’ve heard during the *SEASON* (I hate both the “song” and that cheesy performance

Aside from that – I look forward to the next part 🙂

I liked the songs in the two former lists….but now I have to be more critical 🙂 To me, “Kewba” as a very old-fashioned / unoriginal ballad. The Lisa Ajax song rather uninspired compared to last year, and rather bad language. “My Lille World” is possibly one of the worst songs I’ve heard during the NF-song. No melody, no structure. A mess. And those meaningless lyrics in the chorus – jarring. And the performance was awful! They more looked like a bunch of “show offs” than a band. All bad? Of course not! 🙂 “I’m Like a Wolf” 🙂 Great… Read more »

You’re just taking the piss at this point, aren’t you? This would actually make more sense as a “worst of” list instead…


If Wiwi want to include Loreen, at least put her on 2 place, and Gunther number 1.
If she lost to Anton Hagman, now to lose to Gunther. h3h3h3h3h3h3h3


Ok. I don’t really like these songs.
But…Janice from Malta was AMAZING!! She should have won! Great song!


I m sorry but Ermal Meta with Vietato Morire is better than at least the half of these songs

Antranig Shokayan

Aiste <3


@Jesc fanatic
They got into Wiwi jury’s head and made them feel brand new.
Tut tudu tudu ……tut tudu tudu

(J)ESC Fanatic

Janice, Lisa and Aiste were amazing. The other two were horrible. How the hell did Club La Persé make it?!


Between those 5, the only like I could find enjoyable is Moldova’s song, is…different. The rest are pure radio trash songs, I’ve heard a thousand songs like those….


Aiste, tayanna, gabi toth, kerli and loreen should have won

Donna Vey

Julia Samoilova has been banned 🙁

Terrible decision.


if la perse ends up in this list without dismissed in the top 15 i will feel personally offended

Polegend Godgarina

My Little World? Kii. I’ll accept them as long as Gabi Tóth appears in the top 5.


But Loreen must claim the top spot or else, and I’m not even a Loreen fan. 0-0


No accounting for taste, eh? Still, choosing these guys over Ermal Meta? Ugh!! Oh well, always love these lists, keep em coming!! :3