Team Wiwi’s Top National Final Songs of ESC 2017 (15-11)

It’s the fourth day of our countdown of our favourite national final songs of the Eurovision 2017 season. So far, we’ve had songs from Sweden, Italy, Norway, Finland and many more. We’re not even done with all of the national finals yet, too, as new ones appear in today’s list of 15th to 11th place.

It’s down to the very best of the year in our eyes. But which songs will just miss out on a spot in our top 10? Read on below to find out:

15. “Cet Air La” — Ginta Biku (Switzerland)

Lithuanian born, Swiss bred and Italian beauty queen. Ginta Biku brought some serious flair to Die Entscheidungsshow this year. Ginta’s flair for uniting music and technology was on show as her stage show combined projections and live dancing to leave a lasting impression. Nothing was going to stop Timebelle, but Ginta did her best to create a competition.

Wiwi Jury: “The woman has it: catchy melody, strong vocals, fierce stage presence and the only song in the Swiss selection with a genuinely interesting musical production, as well as some sort of Swiss identity via the French language. A tropical princess singing an enthralling pop explosion.” (Edd)

14. “Like I Love You” — Greta Zazza (Lithuania)

For whatever reason, Lithuania just never seemed to get “Like I Love You”. Greta never topped the public vote in Eurovizjos, despite getting a great reaction from fans online. It’s easy to see why she got that reaction, too. With a killer chorus and a well thought out stage performance, “Like I Love You” stands out as a quality track in any selection — let alone Lithuania’s.

Wiwi Jury: “There’s no doubt that when Greta performed in her heat, she blew everyone before her out of the water. This is one of the few songs that has staging elements that are ready to be copied and pasted to the Eurovision stage.” (Antranig)

13. “Keep Running” — Liis Lemsalu (Estonia)

Back for another go at the Eesti Laul crown, “Keep Running” was perhaps Liis Lemsalu’s best ever entry to the contest. Youthful and fun — just look at how she gets the crowd going — this hit a lot of good points. In perhaps the most stacked of all the national finals, this would likely have made it through many others. That this took 7th place in the final shows the quality of Eesti Laul 2017.

Wiwi Jury: ““Keep Running” is a great pop song — too bad that I’m just not that keen on this type of pop. But even though the song is sweeter than I would normally like, it has that je ne sais quoi I just can’t put my finger on. I do know that I really like the tribal-esque backing vocals that appear in the last 30 seconds of the song.” (Steinunn)

12. “Heart of Gold” — BQL (Slovenia)

One of the most confusing results of the season perhaps came in Slovenia. Nostalgia perhaps won the day as Omar Naber triumphed over BQL, with their Maraaya-penned track “Heart of Gold”. The brothers certainly seemed to be popular in the build-up and have even after EMA as well. They recently picked up a BUM award for the track and surely will be on many people’s lists for a return next year.

Wiwi Jury: “Smooth vocals and strong chemistry are key elements of this contemporary song, especially in the last chorus. The young guys seem warm and full of character, which will serve them well in this national selection.” (Antony)

11. “Hosszu Idok” — Gabi Toth (Hungary)

Juries and their influence on national finals were a hot topic this year. Despite never failing to score less than full marks from the public, Gabi Toth — TOTOVA — was held back from A Dal’s super-final by the jury scores. “Hosszu Idok” brought a powerful, ethno-tinged force with it, with TOTOVA seeming more and more comfortably performing it live as the weeks went on.

Wiwi Jury: “I think it’s interesting and daring, especially in a NF season filled with boring ballads. Unlike the other entries,”Hosszú idök” has a strong identity — the Hungarian sounds amazing — and Toth delivers it perfectly.” (Zakaria)

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