Demy becomes first act since Helena Paparizou to hit Greece’s airplay Top 20 ahead of Eurovision

Rain may have stopped falling from above, but Greece’s Demy and her Eurovision entry “This Is Love” have taken flight. Greece’s pop princess is the first Eurovision act since Helena Paparizou to crack Greece’s Top 20 airplay chart with six weeks to go until Eurovision 2017. She isn’t just making her voice heard on the radio either. “This Is Love” has topped the download chart in Greece for three weeks and passed 1.5 million views on her record label’s Youtube channel. It really is love!

Demy’s also stepping up domestic promotion for “This Is Love” too.

Over the weekend she performed an extended version of the track at Mad Walk, the leading fashion show in Greece.

Working a metallic look, with spring floral headdress, she served charm on the runway, earning her fashion stripes ahead of the launch of Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2017.

And while she won’t be appearing at the London Eurovision Party 2017, she will perform “This Is Love” live for the first time on Sunday night.

During Ant1 TV’s entertainment show “Rising Star”, she’ll debut “This Is Love” live in primetime.

We’re already working on getting a live stream going, as we need to see this.

Currently, Demy doesn’t have any appearances scheduled for the Eurovision preview circuit. Instead, she’s investing time in her stage show for Eurovision 2017.

To give her the best chance of making it out of Semi-Final 1, she’s working with legendary Greek stage director Fokas Evangelinos, who will no doubt make sure she’s on point and ready to slay. Lights, camera, Demy!

Evangelinos was the man behind Sergey Lazarev’s stunning Super Mario chic stage show in Stockholm last year and has previous experience staging acts including Ani Lorak, Helena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas, so you know she’s in good hands.

Are you hyped to hear Demy’s live performance? Do you think Greece will make the final this year? Let us know in the comments below and on our app!