WATCH: The Eurovision 2017 stage construction is underway

Crash, boom, bang! Builders have begun assembling the Eurovision 2017 stage at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv. The team, which includes workers from Ukraine, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium, are busy assembling everything in the venue around the clock.

As we previously reported, Dutch company Unbranded will build the Eurovision 2017 stage, just as they did in Vienna, back in 2015. The first shift of workers is already in Kyiv and they are wasting no time. The whole crew has begun working immediately, in day and night shifts, so the construction never stops.

In this video below, you can see the progress of the stage construction, with explanations in Ukrainian. We will break down the main points for you in English below.

First of all, 40 trucks with equipment for the Eurovision 2017 stage have made it safely to Kyiv. Apart from the Dutch and Ukrainian builders, the team includes Swedes, Belgians, Germans, Danes, and it will continue to grow to include other nationalities as well.

Christer Björkman, who joined the core team as Content Producer in February, says that the empty arena means that everything has to be built from scratch, which allows the team to realise their dream for Eurovision 2017.

Ola Melzig, the Technical Director of Eurovision 2016 and this year’s Head of Production, explains that the show is going to be much bigger than Stockholm. The venue is bigger than last year, the acoustics are better (Ruslana should now breathe a sigh of relief) and the extra space makes way for more opportunities. They are also using twice as more electricity this year. There will be 1800 spotlights in 2017, compared to just 600 back in 2005. We’re so ready for all the lights and shadows!

The IT and radio systems are working already. The walls will be covered in black cloth, so that it looks good on TV. This way, viewers at home will only get to see the screens and the stage, and won’t be distracted by white walls.

The weight of the structure that is lifted into the air is 140 tons, 40 more tons than in Stockholm. That is because a big part of the stage is going to be hanging from the ceiling. We’re going up, up, up!

The reason why the team is working non-stop is that time, the only thing that cannot be bought, is short. By 20 April, the stage has to be fully operational, so that the rehearsals with the stand-ins can begin already, ahead of the artists’ arrival in Kyiv.

The little white statue that you can see in the video is a running joke among the crew, who say that they have redesigned the trophy as well. Rest assured, however, the microphone-shaped trophy is here to stay. It has already been crafted by the Swedish company Kosta Boda, complete with the Ukrainian colours inside the Eurovision heart.

Nonetheless, we are glad to see that the organisers are in good spirits and that things seem to be running smoothly. We cannot wait to see how the stage will look on 20 April.

What do you think of the stage preparation so far? Are you excited to know that the organisers are wasting no time in building the stage for what promises to be an amazing show? Sound off in the comments box below and on our wiwibloggs app!