Francesco Gabbani in London: “I didn’t know there was something magical in my song, I discovered it by singing”

When he smiles many newborns come to life. Francesco Gabbani, Italy’s representative at Eurovision 2017, is the one to beat in Kyiv and our William learned exactly why by chatting with the “Occidentali’s Karma” singer at London Eurovision Party on Sunday. Can we just say that we’re officially in love with this charming moustached Italian?

His English may not be academic — Francesco humbly says sorry — but his authenticity breaks all borders and we’re happy to forgive him.

Gabbani told us all about his momentum, and revealed that he didn’t know there was something magical in his entry — “I discovered it by singing”. He said that his ultimate dream participating in Sanremo was actually going to Eurovision.

When it comes to the crucial question, if he thinks his song has the special quality to win, he answers: “I hope, I really don’t know… maybe yes, because at first impression my song can make you dance and have fun, and after that, if you also want to understand the meaning… I’m happy!”

And what about the ape on stage (he didn’t make it to Café de Paris, though)? “It was my idea” — Francesco admits — “I wanted to show the concept of Desmond Morris’ book“. The ethologist who inspired “Occidentali’s Karma” is already a fan of the Italian artist, who will meet the scientist soon!

People in the club were all waiting for Gabbani to take the stage and for obvious reasons organizers put him second last before the “landlady” of the event Miss Lucie Jones.

Despite a couple of technical issues, he absolutely nailed the performances of both “Occidentali’s Karma” and “Amen” — with which he won the Newcomers’ section of Sanremo in 2016.

Francesco now needs to get used to the three-minute version of his entry but judging the reaction of the audience, who waved their hands singing along the song, he is definitely the one to watch on May 13.