France’s Alma: My Eurovision song “Requiem” is how I live my life

Last year France made its triumphant return to the top 10 of Eurovision, erasing its chequered past with a joyous three-minute performance in franglais.

And it’s clear that France Televisions doesn’t want its success to stop there, as it’s fielding the beautiful and talented Alma, who has been turning heads from the moment she was revealed as their act for Eurovision 2017.

Looking oh-so-French in head-to-toe black, the Lyon-born beauty told wiwiblogger William that it was an “instant yes” when the French broadcaster approached her with the idea.

“I am super-excited,” she said. “Very stressed, ’cause it’s a lot of pressure, you’re carrying France on your shoulders for three months. But it’s very motivating and I love it.”

Alma interview at the London Eurovision Party

Overwhelmed by the response she is getting from both France and abroad, Alma had nothing but love for her fans. And she thanked wiwibloggs for all the wiwi-love and support.

“You, wiwibloggs, were the first one. It was incredible!” And we’ve got to say that her brief impersonation of William is on fleek.

The 28-year-old said that in general she’s not nervous about performing, but she does feel stress right before going on stage. “This is coming to me, like, ten minutes before, fifteen minutes before. But I’m trying to learn exercises to try to calm down a little bit before, like yoga and stuff.”

Namaste, alé!

Alma also unpacked the meaning behind “Requiem“.

“My song is really about enjoying every second that you have, ’cause we’re all mortal, life passes by really fast, and I think what’s saved me through the dark moments that I’ve been through was love, and my boyfriend, and my family and friends.”

“This is how I live my life. I love people so much that I’m happy.”

Why did she add English to her song?

“I think when you want to be in an international competition — and English today is the language of the world —  you don’t want to be excluded from that.”

“Putting a little part of the refrain in English for me is a way of telling people, ‘I want you to listen to me, I want you to understand my song’.”

Loving Alma? Want to hear her cover one of her favourite artists? Be sure to watch the video above. 

Alma — “Requiem” live at the London Eurovision Party

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