Up all night to get lucky: Sergey Lazarev finds himself a “Lucky Stranger”

Remember when the most controversial thing about Russia’s Eurovision entry was that they were too desperate to win? Stockholm 2016 really does feel like a distant memory. Fear not, Sergey Lazarev is here once more to offer us some respite from all the political posturing.

Released last week, Sergey’s latest single “Lucky Stranger” takes us back to the ’80s. It’s a simpler time… at least in his world. There’s nary an iron curtain or cold war in sight.

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Instead, we see Sergey don a denim and leather combo while sporting a mullet and handlebar moustache. Fashion on point!

The fun music video starts out at a school dance where Sergey sets his eyes on the lucky stranger — a pretty girl who happens to be with another guy.

A fight ensues, followed by a quick dance number. Next, the “You Are The Only One” hitmaker acquires a swanky new car before heading off to a pool hall.

It isn’t long before we witness yet another highly-choreographed brawl, only for the police to come and take Sergey away. Nevertheless, he finds the opportunity to pass on some gum to his lucky stranger.

Disappointingly, the video is far more exciting than the song itself. It desperately wants to be a full-on pop banger, yet barely registers as a bop. The horns are fun for about ten seconds, but become grating rather fast.

Still, kudos to Sergey for giving us both an English and Russian version of the song — even if the lyrics are somewhat uninspired.

Overall “Lucky Stranger” is mildly diverting, bordering on catchy. However, clocking in at 4:15, it’s easily a minute too long.

One solution could be to mute the music video and play any of Sergey’s recent hits in the background instead — the brilliant “Idealniy Mir” or “Breaking Away” would both make for excellent substitutes.

Sergey Lazarev Lucky Stranger (Official Music Video)

Sergey Lazarev Lucky Stranger (English Version)

What do you think of “Lucky Stranger”? Is it making you nostalgic for the ’80s or even for Sergey’s Eurovision days? Let us know in the comments below or react using the wiwibloggs app.


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