The Hero of our times! Austria’s Nathan Trent covers Mans Zelmerlöw ahead of ESC 2017

He livened things up in London, tore it up in Tel Aviv and last weekend he wowed yet another audience of Eurofans in Amsterdam at Eurovision In Concert.

But Austria’s blue-eyed boy Nathan Trent knows that you can’t rely on physical appearances alone to promote your Eurovision performance.

And that’s why he’s launched a series of weekly covers, where he’ll perform a different Eurovision song every week and give us a way to countdown the weeks until Eurovision fortnight in May.

He kicked things off covering a track from a Eurovision hunk who Team Wiwi holds dear in our hearts: Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw.

But where Zelmerlöw’s performance was all holographic gnomes, provocative leather pants and slick dance moves, Nathan’s is an understated acoustic affair.

Over sexy strings, Nathan’s voice floats through the first verse, mixed with ad-libs and lulls you through a pared back chorus where the focus is on his soulful voice.

The tempo lifts through the second verse and if it weren’t for the stool we know Nathan would be throwing dance moves left, right and center. Let the music play and let the boy dance.

The middle 8 benefits from Nathan’s powerhouse vocal, with notes that would raise Anja Nissen’s expertly sculpted eyebrows. He makes the song his own. If this is only the first cover, colour us excited y’all!

Nathan’s other three covers will be released on consecutive Wednesdays in the next three weeks.

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Nathan Trent’s Road to Eurovision

With appearances in London, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam behind him, Nathan’s next stop is in Madrid on April 15 where he’ll perform “Running On Air” for one last preview party audience.

After that there’ll be rehearsals to set up the stage show for Kyiv, before the Austrian delegation travels to Ukraine.

There they’ll be preparing for Semi-Final 2 on May 13, where Nathan is up second after show-opener Serbia.

What do you think of the cover? Do you like Nathan’s take on “Heroes”? Can his voice help him qualify for the Grand Final? Let us know in the comments below!