Sweden: Robin Bengtsson’s “I Can’t Go On” hits 10 million streams on Spotify

He’s the king of cardio, who made treadmills trendy again at this year’s Melodifestivalen and beat the odds to win the ticket to represent Sweden in Kyiv in May.

And Robin Bengtsson hasn’t stopped since then. The “I Can’t Go On” hitmaker hit the promo trail hard, starting with domestic appearances in Sweden and followed them up with appearances for Eurofan audiences in the UK, Israel and the Netherlands.

That hard work has finally started paying off as “I Can’t Go On” has been streamed more than 10 million times on Spotify. It may be a Swedish company, but Spotify has international reach and could be a strong indicator of Robin’s chances for Eurovision 2017.


And although the hunky Swede might be preoccupied touring the four corners of Europe and nailing his rehearsals for Eurovision, he’s still managed to spare some time to talk to wiwibloggs.

Speaking at Israel Calling, he told us that the support he’s received from around Europe is a huge mental boost for him.

“I’m psyched that people love my song,” he told wiwiblogger Deban in idyllic Israel. “It is a big deal to represent Sweden and I’m amazed to be here with everyone.”

Representing the Eurovision nation isn’t as stressful as it sounds though. Indeed, for Robin, the bigger challenge and accolade was winning Melodifestivalen. “It’s not really adding pressure, people liking my song is a victory in itself and the result in Eurovision is less important to me I think.”

One person who will be watching Robin on the big screen is his little son William: “He thinks it’s cool to see his Daddy on TV and super fun.”

Unfortunately his tot has started referring to him as a TV personality rather than “dad”.

“He started calling me Robin Bengtsson, because they say it on TV all the time, so I have to tell him don’t say that — it’s weird!”


Before final Eurovision 2017 preparations begin, the sexy Swede has a final tour stop in Madrid this weekend at the Eurovision Spain Pre-Party.

From there he’ll be fine-tuning his already slick performance to make sure he’s all set to open the show at Semi-Final 1 on May 9.

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If his Instagram is anything to go by, we at wiwibloggs think he’ll be cruising into the Grand Final.

What do you think? Do Robin’s Spotify plays add up to a Eurovision win? Can he make the grand final? Let us know in the comments below!