France’s Alma describes Eurovision promo tour as “a seduction operation”

She’s criss-crossed the content in recent weeks, clocking up thousands of airmiles in her bid to win Eurovision 2017 for la Belle France.

And speaking to RTL Radio recently, chanteuse Alma revealed she’s approaching Eurovision like a political campaign.

In the candid interview, the “Requiem” singer says the promo party circuit is priceless preparation for singing in Kyiv: “I’ve got to perform the song four times, in front of four different audiences, and that helps me get to grips with the revamp and the new English lyrics.”

She also revealed that the French delegation have approached this year’s promo tour as a way to win voters from all over Europe.

“It’s a seduction operation for other countries. I make videos with delegations from other countries and they’ll discover my song. For example, I’ll make a short video with Kasia Mos from Poland for her to share on her networks and people will discover my song.”

The entire strategy is being masterminded by Head of Delegation Edoardo Grassi, who took over after Lisa Angell placed 25th in 2015 and took France back into the Top 10 with Amir last year.

In addition to appearing at preview concerts in London, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Madrid, Alma has also been meeting ministers and singing in embassies.

“I think Eurovision is not a television program, it’s a real political campaign,” Grassi told RTL.

To help with the campaign, Grassi turned to France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“They’re very active. We’ve had meetings at many embassies.”

The tour is already starting to bear fruit. Since it started, Alma has gained 7,000 followers on Instagram and conducted over 100 interviews.

Grassi remains level-headed about Alma and France’s chances at Eurovision.

“There is still a lot of work to do, but all these small things with the press build up to a good image,” he says. And in Eurovision (and Eurovision’s Next Top Model), image is everything henny.


The French star also gave RTL some insights into the plan for her staging on May 13. She’ll be joined by three backing vocalists and her staging will be “refined”. She’ll also be adding some movements and dance to shake things up. Spice up your life girl!