Levina talks Germany at Eurovision 2017: “I’m not even thinking about coming last, my goal is the top third of the scoreboard!”

She has a mountain to climb on May 13, knowing full-well that Germany has finished last back-to-back at Eurovision. But Levina is an optimist and hit back at naysayers in an interview with German regional daily newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine published today

In the interview, Levina tackled Jamie-Lee and Ann Sophie’s consecutive last place finishes: “I’m not even thinking about coming last.”

Indeed she’s aiming a lot higher than where “Ghost” and “Black Smoke” finished.

“My goal is the top third of the scoreboard,” she said.

Germany hasn’t finished that high since Roman Lob placed 8th in 2012 with “Standing Still”.

From the interview, it seems Levina may already be thinking about her career after Eurovision and what her result on the scoreboard will mean for that.

“Even if it does not work out so well, if some of the people in the industry I’ve met continue to find me good, then maybe I can get something out of it.”


There is a long way to go before the Grand Final though, and Levina is steeling herself for the long days and nights ahead with gingerbread, and her childhood teddybear as a companion.

“The days are probably going to be so long that I’m just going to fall straight into bed. I’m taking a book though I don’t think I’m going to have time to read! I’m taking gingerbread for emergencies, and Struweline my childhood teddybear!”

The Eurovision Song Contest is a jungle, so it’s probably a good thing she’s bringing a bear along for protection.

With the release of her album Unexpected today, it’s one less thing for the star to be concerned about before she takes the stage to perform “Perfect Life” live in Kiev.

“The title is about my surprise victory at the national selection and everything that’s started,” she said in the interview.

Levina starts rehearsals for the Grand Final next week.