Poll update: Our readers think Blanche should win semi-final one of Eurovision 2017

On 20 March, we asked our readers to start voting for their favourites to win Eurovision 2017 semi final 1. As of 10.00 CEST on 3 May, we had collected an astounding 27,346 votes.

Leading the poll with 3,430 votes is Belgium’s Blanche. The “City Lights” songstress built up a large fan base prior to rehearsals, but things haven’t run so smoothly in Kyiv. The young Belgian appeared lost and nervous during her first rehearsal. Can she get back on track before the semi-final?

Armenia’s Artsvik is the runner-up with 2,686 votes. You can’t spell Artsvik without “art”, and the power vocalist upped the ante during her first rehearsal. Complete with Bollywood voguing and ethnic flair, the blonde diva has established herself as a firm favourite. She won our best rehearsal on May 1st poll.

In very close third place is Sweden’s Robin Bengtsson with 2,493 votes. The “I Can’t Go On” hitmaker essentially transplanted his Melodifestivalen staging to Kyiv. The slick routine cements his status as a contender.

Interestingly, Portugal is in fourth place despite Salvador Sobral engaging his sister as a stand in for his first rehearsal in Kyiv. That puts Portugal just 20 votes ahead of Azerbaijan’s Dihaj, who recently won our poll for best live performance on April 30th. It looks like going live — and doing well — is a key ingredient to slaying in this poll.

Based on our poll results the other qualifiers for the grand final will be Poland, Greece, Australia, Latvia and Iceland.

Current standings: Semi Final 1 (as of 3 May 2017)

  1. Belgium: Blanche, “City Lights” 12.54% (3,430 votes)
  2. Armenia: Artsvik, “Fly With Me” 9.82% (2,686 votes)
  3. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson, “I Can’t Go On” 9.12% (2,493 votes)
  4. Portugal: Salavador Sobral, “Amar pelos dois” 7.43% (2,032 votes)
  5. Azerbaijan: Dihaj, “Skeletons” 7.36% (2,012 votes)
  6. Poland: Kasia Mos, “Flashlight” 7.02% (1,920 votes)
  7. Greece: Demy, “This is Love” 6.45% (1,764 votes)
  8. Australia: Isaiah, “Don’t Come Easy” 4.86% (1,329 votes)
  9. Latvia: Triana Park, “Line” 4.81% (1,314 votes)
  10. Iceland: Svala, “Paper” 4.74% (1,295 votes)
  11. Finland: Norma John, “Blackbird” 4.47% (1,223 votes)
  12. Cyprus: Hovig, “Gravity” 4.4% (1,202 votes)
  13. Albania: Lindita, “World” 4.08% (1,115 votes)
  14. Moldova: SunStroke Project, “Hey, Mamma” 4.01% (1,096 votes)
  15. Georgia: Tamara Gacheciladze, “Keep the Faith” 3.74% (1,023 votes)
  16. Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic, “Space” 2.56% (701 votes)
  17. Czech Republic: Martina Barta, “My Turn” 1.79% (490 votes)
  18. Slovenia: Omar Naber, “On My Way” 0.8% (221 votes)

Don’t forget: this poll is open until the eve of the first semi-final on Tuesday 9 May, so anything can still happen.

What do you think of the results? Do our readers have it right?

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