Poll results: The Netherlands’ OG3NE had the best first rehearsal on May 2nd

Day three of rehearsals has come and gone. We saw Nathan Trent from Austria walking on the moon. We witnessed Romania’s Alex Florea falling off (what we hope is) a confetti cannon. And we looked on as Irishman Brendan Murray floated through his song on a hot air balloon. We asked our readers to pick their favourite rehearsals from Tuesday’s lineup and only one could triumph. After counting 9,246 votes, we can now reveal that our readers think Dutch girl-group OG3NE came out on top with their song “Lights and Shadows”.

Our team of wiwibloggers in Kyiv agreed that it was an impressive rehearsal. The three sisters of OG3NE — Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol — worked the stage with confidence and poise well beyond their years, owing to the immense stadiums they’ve already played and knowing those tight harmonies through and through. And man did those harmonies shine! Each note was sung perfectly, and it paid off with a slick performance deserving of a grand final berth.

The staging is simple and classy. Their chicly dressed outlines sparkle under blankets of black, blue and golden lights from above as well as the the LED wall behind.

The inspiration behind the song and its refined staging is being attributed to the sisters’ mother who has been battling cancer for the past several years. The song itself evokes a picture of hope and inspires the strength needed to overcome life’s worst obstacles. OG3NE’s tightly bound harmonies and meaningful staging reinforce this important message.

OG3NE took the top spot in our poll with 32.77% of the vote. In second place with 18.66% of the vote was Ireland’s Brendan Murphy and his pop ballad “Dying to Try”. Romania’s Alex & Ilinca stomped the competition and partied through their feel-good song “Yodel It!” to 10.30% of the vote, earning our readers’ third place finish.

Poll results: Who had the best first rehearsal of May 2?

  1. The Netherlands: O’G3NE, “Lights and Shadows” 32.77% (3030 votes)
  2. Ireland: Brendan Murray, “Dying to Try” 18.66% (1725 votes)
  3. Romania: Ilinca & Alex Florea, “Yodel It!” 10.30% (952 votes)
  4. Austria: Nathan Trent, “Running On Air” 8.99% (831 votes)
  5. Malta: Claudia Faniello, “Breathlessly” 8.68% (803 votes)
  6. Denmark: Anja Nissen, “Where I Am” 6.61% (611 votes)
  7. Hungary: Joci Papai, “Origo” 5.89% (545 votes)
  8. FYR Macedonia: Jana Burceska, “Dance Alone” 5.42% (501 votes)
  9. Serbia: Tijana Bogicevic, “In Too Deep” 2.68% (248 votes)

What do you think? Did O’G3NE deliver the best first rehearsal? Let us know below!