WATCH: Iceland, Czech Republic and Cyprus — second rehearsals at Eurovision 2017


It’s been a long day but the end is in sight! The final group of acts hoping to iron out their performances include Iceland’s Svala, Czech Republic’s Martina Barta and Cyprus’ Hovig. 

Iceland: Svala “Paper”

During her second rehearsal Iceland’s Svala unveiled her stage costume, which consists of bulky white platforms, shiny pleather trousers and a skin-tight white top. A vertical drop from her neckline to her stomach puts her ample assets on fine display, and she draws even more attention to her décolletage with silver embellishments across her bosom. Her cape — which resembles translucent curtains — adds to the visual feast, as it flows with her movements and whenever producers unleash the wind machines.

Svala no doubt scoffs at Coco Chanel’s advice to always take something off before leaving the house. She wore her hair in a dramatic top-knot pony tail, and added two extremely large gold earrings, which our Portuguese blogger compared to horse hooves. Try getting through airport security with those on.

The LED is largely the same but features one very cool Matrix-like moment when a series of green beams shoot out like a fan from behind Svala, before turning to white beams and repeating. It adds some much-needed dynamism to the background.

Svala, “Paper” Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Svala, “Paper”: Performance Preview

Czech Republic — Martina Barta, “My Turn”

Go for gold, Martina! The Czech star had some of the most surprising staging of the first rehearsals, pairing her classy jazz number with some truly modern visuals. Her performances remains calm, minimalist and futuristic as she walks the stage in reflective gold lamé. In the opening bars of the song she struts down a gold runway, which spreads out to fill the entire LED floor. When she turns to face the camera, the colour pink sweeps up toward the screen, eventually revealing the semi-naked people from her music video. This remains elegant and engaging — and just might sneak through to the final.

Martina Barta, “My Turn” Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Martina Barta, “My Turn”: Performance Preview

Cyprus — Hovig, “Gravity”

Talk about a grower! During his first rehearsal Cyprus’ Hovig really struggled with his choreography and seemed unable to find his balance as he landed on one foot. Well stumbles be gone! Today he introduced new moves that saw his dancers holding his feet and helping to suspend him as he walked across a line. That line, we now see, creates the illusion he’s walking a tight rope in mid-air and poised to fall. Their crouching dance moves now make complete sense and add suspense and drama. One of the most amazing shots comes when Hovig lies on an LED of clouds and sky and the camera shoots away. He’s a man in free fall on the screen — but not at Eurovision. Today’s work suggest he’s in with a shot at the final.

Cyprus, “Gravity” Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Cyprus, “Gravity”: Performance Preview

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