WATCH: Armenia, Slovenia, Latvia — second rehearsals at Eurovision 2017

On Thursday fifteen of the Eurovision 2017 Semi-Final 1 acts had their second rehearsals. And this morning the final three — Armenia, Slovenia and Latvia — arrived at the International Exhibition Centre ready to show how they had nipped and tucked since their last run-throughs.

Armenia: Artsvik with “Fly With Me”

Armenia’s Artsvik delivered one of the most memorable rehearsals of the first semi-final, even winning our poll for best rehearsal on May 1. But this girl doesn’t rest on her laurels and used her second set of run-throughs to test different colours, images, lights and camera angles. The bird that flies out at the end of her show disappeared into the background earlier in the week. But this morning, owing to slightly different colouring, the bird was visible throughout its flight. The biggest change, however, comes in the slicker and higher-impact use of pyro and sparks, which erupt and burst with new rhythm and power. Best of all producers actually manage to capture them with the cameras this time around.

Artsvik, a vocalist of the first order, stunned in an all-black outfit with a shiny, reflective quality that catches the light amid the relatively dark atmosphere. Initially you think she’s wearing a dress. But as she struts down the stage you see that she’s actually wearing billowing trousers. At times the lights give her outfit a metallic quality, which adds a warrior-like feeling to her strong silhouette. This was already good — and now it’s all kinds of amazing.

Armenia’s second rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Artsvik, “Fly with Me”: Performance preview

Slovenia: Omar Naber with “On My Way”

During his first rehearsal he sought to create an inspiring Broadway feel, deploying a series of brightly lit panels and a starry LED sky. And today it was more of the same from Slovenia’s Omar Naber, who once again worked a sparkly black suit. During his first run-through his voice seemed to croak at times, as if he had swallowed a very large frog. But he improved with subsequent run-throughs, suggesting that he was slowly waking up. At one point he dropped to his knees and belted it out. He’s feeling like a star and wants to act like one too. The blue background seems just a smidge darker this time, which provides a nice contrast with the white lights he has on show.

Slovenia’s second rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Omar Naber, “On My Way”: Performance preview

Latvia: Triana Park with “Line”

She’s a true one-off who beats to her own drum — and then pours gasoline on it and sets it alight. And today Agnese did it again, wearing gold-and-pink thigh-high boots, which she paired with a black bodice that almost looked skeletal owing to white ornamentation. Clearly a fan of squatting, she frequently dipped it low as she waved her two blonde pony tails back and forth. The controversial squiggle that resembled a penis appears to have been deleted, or at least downplayed, as we couldn’t see it on the LED. The release of plumes of smoke toward the end really helped drive this home.

Latvia’s second rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Triana Park, “Line”: Performance preview

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