Semi-final 1: Belgium’s Blanche dominates iTunes charts after grand final qualification


The first semi-final came and went, and with it 10 lucky acts qualified for the final. But what impact have these songs had on the iTunes chart? Let’s take a look.

The big winner with iTunes is Belgium. Blanche’s “City Lights” has made an impression with viewers in 19 countries. The song is No.2 in Belgium as well as Lithuania. It’s No.3 in Sweden, and has made the top ten in Estonia and the Netherlands.

Next on the list is Portugal, where “Amar pelos dois” has charted in 16 countries. It’s made the biggest impression in its home country, going straight to No.1 in Portugal. The song has also made the top ten in Lithuania and Sweden.

The third most popular song in iTunes is Moldova‘s Sunstroke Project with “Hey Mamma”. Europe can’t get enough of the epic sax, and the song has charted in 13 countries.

Italy‘s entry may have only made a brief appearance in the first semi-final, but it was enough for “Occidentali’s karma” to get noticed. Francesco Gabbani’s cheerful tune has charted in 11 countries, including No.11 in Finland.

In fifth place is Finland‘s Norma John. Their song “Blackbird” might have missed out on qualifying, but it’s still made enough of an impact to chart in nine countries.

Sweden‘s Robin Bengtsson and Australia‘s Isaiah both have their songs charting in seven countries. Iceland‘s Svala and Armenia‘s Artsvik are each charting in five countries.

Other artists charting in multiple countries include France‘s Alma, Cyprus‘ Hovig, the Czech Republic‘s Martina Bárta, Slovenia‘s Omar Naber, and Latvia‘s Triana Park.

So what does all this iTunes chart action tell us? It’s important to remember that not all countries use iTunes as much as others do. In some countries other online music stores are more popular, in others streaming has taken over as the dominant form of consuming music.

But the reaction in iTunes charts around Europe is at least an indication of what songs made an immediate connection with some listeners. It shows us what songs inspired listeners enough last night for them to track down the song online and download it.

What do you think? Do iTunes charts indicate Eurovision success? Share your thoughts below!

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