Mission Eurovision: Will France select their 2018 entry through a national selection show?


Alma deserved more.

One year after Amir’s brilliant 6th place finish, the “Requiem” singer failed to repeat a Top 10 finish at the Eurovision Song Contest. The lovely chanteuse placed 10th with the televoters — a result we can live with. But despite her enthusiastic and enchanting performance that took us us on a romantic walk through (and on) Paris, the 28-year old ended 19th with national juries. WTF? And it all happened 40 years after Marie Myriam’s triumph in Brighton.

It’s a disappointing result that did not satisfy her — or us.

Get ready for Mission Eurovision!

Now, as France regroups and looks to the future, there is chatter that France 2, the national broadcaster, is planning a different strategy for Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon.

On Monday Nicolas Coppermann, chairman of Endemol Shine, revealed that the state TV channel is considering a national selection contest to choose its next Eurovision singer. That would mark a departure from France’s successful internal selections of 2016 and 2017.

The proposed contest, called Mission Eurovision, would last about one month — two weeks shorter than Sweden’s much-ballyhooed selection show Melodifestivalen.

“We are still discussing this topic,” he said on radio station Europe 1. Sadly, he did not give us further details, leaving French Eurofans to imagine what this contest might look like and who might participate.

Les Fatals Picards in 2007, Twin Twin in 2014

During the last decade, French viewers only selected two of the country’s Eurovision acts. Both of them flopped. Making fun of French clichés with “L’amour à la Française”, the rock band Les Fatals Picard ranked 22th in 2007 with 19 points. Seven years later, Twin Twin and their feel good anthem “Moustache” earned last place in Copenhagen with only 2 points.

Meanwhile, the four songs that succeeded in reaching the left side of the scoreboard were all chosen by the broadcaster: “S’il fallait le faire” by Patricia Kaas in 2009 (8th), “Allez ola olé !” by Jessy Matador in 2010 (12th), “J’ai cherché” by Amir in 2016 (6th) and of course “Requiem” by Alma, who placed 12th.

The Eurovision grand final ratings left France 2 pretty satisfied. But will Mission Eurovision be as successful? Do you think French viewers know enough about Eurovision to pick the best entry? Or is it better for France to keep choosing their songs internally? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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