Eurovision 2017 songs climb the Spotify charts led by Belgium, Moldova and Portugal


It’s been five days since the Eurovision 2017 final. But a number of this year’s songs are still in the air…and at the top of the Spotify charts. Taking a look at the Spotify Global Viral 50, we see that Portugal’s Salvador Sobral is currently at the top of the pack with “Amar pelos dois”. Belgium’s Blanche sits at #3 with “City Lights”, Moldova’s Sunstroke Project is at #4 with “Hey Mamma” and Romania’s Ilinca & Alex Florea come in at #5 with “Yodel it!”

They’re in good company. Miley Cyrus is currently at #2 with “Malibu” and Calvin Harris is at #8 with “Rollin”.

There are Spotify charts in almost every participant country, so let’s dive in and pull out some WTF facts. Like Italy’s “Occidentali’s Karma” charting in Taiwan.

We should note that Spotify use varies significantly by country and that some countries — including Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Israel, San Marino, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro — don’t have Spotify charts.

Blanche and Sunstroke Project chart in the most countries

In this first set of rankings we look at the overall Spotify streaming charts and not the viral charts.

She finished fourth on Saturday, matching Loic Nottet’s placing in 2015. And Belgium’s Blanche did so with a strong televoting score that helped her shoot up the scoreboard. So perhaps it’s not a surprise that “City Lights” is currently charting in 17 countries, and enjoying spot #2 in Lithuania and Estonia, and #3 in Iceland and Belgium.

She’s also cracked the Top 200 in Sweden, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Germany, Spain and Denmark

Sunstroke Project are also charting in 17 countries. In fact, they’re charting in the same 17 countries except for Latvia, where they don’t make an appearance (and where Blanche is at #38). Instead they appear at #125 in Ireland (where Blanche isn’t charting).

They are also #10 in Sweden and #16 in Lithuania.

Twelve other entries are also charting right now.

Salvador Sobral’s “Amar pelos dois” has cracked the charts in 16 countries, and holds on to #1 in Portugal. Curiously, the song’s instrumental is also charting there at #105. Despite the Swedish Eurovision singer’s takedown of Salvador’s victory speech, the Portuguese song is also charting in Sweden — at #39.

Runner-up Kristian Kostov is also doing well, with his tune “Beautiful Mess” charting in another 16 countries. His highest position is at #9 in Bulgaria, and then #12 and #13 in Lithuania and Estonia.

Fifth placed Robin Bengtsson from Sweden is also the fifth-most charting artist, with “I Can’t Go On” charting in 11 countries. That’s one more than neighbouring Norway, whose electro number “Grab the Moment” from JOWST has entered the charts in ten countries.

Other charting entries are Italy’s “Occidentali’s Karma”, currently charting in eight countries; Romania’s “Yodel it!”, which has climbed the charts in seven markets; Australia’s “Don’t Come Easy”, currently charting in four; and Azerbaijan’s “Skeletons” and Austria’s “Running on Air”, both of which appear on two charts each.

On the other end of the spectrum, Iceland’s “Paper” and Spain’s “Do it for Your Lover” are charting in their home markets. Cyprus’ “Gravity” is at #177 in Sweden.

“Amar pelos dois” tops the viral charts

The Spotify viral charts are more immediate than the proper charts. Naturally more countries have entered this listing.

Sitting above them all is Salvador Sobral. The Eurovision 2017 winner hasn’t moved from the top spot since he claimed it on Sunday. He may not care about the charts, but hey, this is something!

Country by country, we found that “Amar pelos dois” was the best-charting entry. It had entered the lists of 29 countries by Sunday — all of them participating Eurovision nations, plus Slovakia and Luxembourg. But by Wednesday “Amar pelos dois” had gone global. The Portuguese entry is now charting in Brazil (7), Canada (12), Colombia (33), Hong Kong (45), Taiwan (7) and Turkey (7).

We’re thrilled to see how many entries are charting in Taiwan.

Four entries have charted there, including “Amar pelos dois”, “Occidentalli’s karma”, “Hey mamma” and “Yodel it!” We know one nation that is going to love Asiavision

Did the Spotify charts predict the Eurovision results?

On Saturday, a few hours before the grand final, we took a look at how Eurovision artists were performing on the Spotify charts. At the time the most streamed entries were Portugal, Belgium and Moldova. They ultimately finished first, fourth and third with the televote, respectively, suggesting Spotify mirrored the voting.

Do Spotify streams signal success for Portugal, Belgium and Moldova at Eurovision 2017?

Romania’s “Yodel it!” had charted in 15 countries by Saturday, and it ended fifth in the televote.

Out of the public’s top five, the lowest charting entry was Bulgaria’s “Beautiful Mess”. Kristian Kostov was charting in six countries ahead of the final. Sixth placed Italy did better, with “Occidentali’s karma” cracking the charts in eight countries ahead of the show.

In any case, we’re so happy to see so many Eurovision entries entering the mainstream charts. We’ve lived with them for three months now and we’re sure our fellow Eurovision fans feel some sort of ownership and spiritual connection to them at this point!

Which song do you think will be the biggest commercial success of the year? Will “Amar pelos dois” start a trend of heart-felt ballads at Eurovision in particular or in the music industry in general? Let us know in the comments section below!