Switching allegiances: Serbia’s Eurovision 2011 singer Nina would do Eurovision again… for Australia

She’s the Serbian Eurovision 2011 star who’s spent the past few years studying down under. But with her PHD almost complete, Nina Radojicic — or simply Nina — is eyeing up a return to music.

She tested the waters with the well received “Colors Of My Love” last summer, and now she’s gone a step further by declaring her desire to make a Eurovision comeback. However, there’s a twist — this time she wants to represent Australia!

The “Caroban” songstress made the remarks while participating in a Post-Eurovision Blues discussion panel at the University of Sydney on Thursday.

If you ask me, I would participate as well again. With Australia, why not?

Should her dreams come true, she would be the first European to represent the Antipodean nation. Of course, plenty of Australians have already done the reverse and sung for European countries. Just this year, Aussie singer Anja Nissen took Denmark — the land of her parents — back to the grand final after a two year absence.

Her comments came in response to the panel’s concluding questions — Do you see a bright future? Do you see a global event?

And not only does Nina want to return, she’s an advocate for the much debated Worldvision.

I would change it to WorldVision. If we get China to participate as well… and the US is already in there so… I think it’s going to get bigger, because this sort of music festival is the top for a music artist. And I think everyone will want to participate.

Nina’s remarks echo those of Eurovision 2016 interval performer Justin Timberlake. Speaking last summer, he said “In my opinion there should also be a Worldvision to let everybody in on the fun.”

Worldvision or not, Nina’s clearly a massive Eurofan, even if she does need to do a little homework regarding the exact extent of America’s involvement in the contest.

It’s definitely an amazing thing and it links people through music which is a wonderful thing. If you ask me, it’s going to get bigger and bigger and even more awesome!

You can watch Nina’s comments in the video below, starting at approximately the 1 hour and 15 minute mark.

Panel Discussion: Post-Eurovision Blues

Posted by Nina Markov-Khz on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Eurovision may be over less than a week, but the campaign for 2018 is already well under way.

Noughties pop star Samantha Mumba has said she’d “LOVE” to sing for Ireland in Portugal, Malta has confirmed details of its national final, while France is rumoured to host its first national selection since 2014. So much for down-season!

Are y’all ready for a Nina comeback? Should she represent Australia or Serbia? And what about Worldvision? Let us know in the comments below.

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