Croatia’s Jacques Houdek: “The lack of support from Former Yugoslav juries is shameful — they’re bitter!”


He served bipolar brilliance on stage in Kyiv, taking Croatia to the grand final for a second year and landing the nation its second biggest haul of points in Eurovision history.

But despite the success, it seems Jacques Houdek feels hard done by, especially in regard to votes from the juries of the former Yugoslavia. 

In a post on his Facebook page, later reported by Serbian outlet Blic, Houdek elaborated on his theory that the juries from the former Yugoslavia were bitter about Croatia being the only nation to qualify for the Grand Final.

“The success could have been bigger. The lack of support of the ‘expert’ judges of neighbouring countries is really shameful. Unfortunately there was bitterness I suppose because Croatia was the only one from the region in the grand final.”

“All the performers from the region gave us wonderful support and said to us, you are now the representatives of the region, give it your all! So it’s amazing that we didn’t get a point from the neighbouring juries, because they’re meant to judge on the basis of composition and vocal performance, and to them those were redundant. My song really should have been rewarded by the juries.”

If the juries were bitter bishes, televoters were far more willing to throw points Jacques’ way.

Slovenia and Montenegro gave “My Friend” 12 points, F.Y.R Macedonia’s televoters gave it 10 and Serbia awarded it 5. And Jacques was effusive about them.

“The truth comes back into balance and was corrected by all the peoples of the region, who mostly gave us the maximum 12 points in the televoting and for that I want to say endless thanks because they showed how many people were friends and connoisseurs. The only real indicator of success, as always, is our audience!”

He also took aim at Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, criticising her lack of support and the fact she has time to attend fashion shows but not endorse his song.

Do you think Jacques should have received points from the Former Yugoslav juries? Or should regional support not be relied upon by acts? Let us know in the comments below!