She’s an Armenian star who used her appearance at Eurovision to take her career to another level.

And since then Iveta Mukuchyan has judged the Armenian national selection and partnered with Aram MP3 to release “Dashterov” and “Al Eghnim“.

Now, and with little time to catch her breath, she’s dropped two fierce music videos for her singles “Amena” and “Hayastan Jan”.

Iveta Mukuchyan — “Amena”

After hearing the enchanting audio of “Amena” (The Most), we were excited to see how Iveta would bring the song to life. She’s done so with her experimental, high-fashion flair, dropping something that reads as contemporary art.

The music video has shades of “LoveWave“. It features countless close-ups of Iveta, capturing her stunning neckline and enviable cheekbones. Bathed in reds, purples and neon pinks, she looks as sexy as ever in the evolving filters as she executes some captivating and decidedly urban choreography. Her outfits include sexy, flowing numbers and even a striking armour-like bodice. That vast range conveys the complexity of womanhood — and the vulnerability and strength found inside everyone. Grab your water, Yerevan — Iveta is cranking up the heat!

While the Armenian lyrics of “Amena” remain the same, Iveta has added an English-language preface, which encourages everyone to unleash the power that lies within.

A human being has so many skins inside
Covering the depth of the heart

I struggle with my own confidence as a woman
And as a human being forced into the construct of society
A thousand persons moulded after one
Forced to seek for more
A melody of the modern age lining us from the beauty we hold within
Oh beautiful human life,
Absolve what is useful
Discard what is not
Add what is unique to yours

She concludes with the proclamation “I am enough”. Honey, yes — you are!

Iveta Mukuchyan — “Hayastan Jan”

If “Amena” isn’t to your taste, perhaps “Hayastan Jan” (Dear Armenia) will be. Iveta celebrates her country with plenty of traditional sounds and colours, all done with some amusing storytelling.

The video opens with two peasants driving through the countryside while listening to a snippet of “LoveWave” on the radio. When they grind to a halt Iveta — a glamorous city-slicker — jumps out of the back in her shredded jeans and sexy red top, ready to romp around the village.

Her natural beauty turns plenty of heads, and it continues even after some local villagers transform her into a more demure version of herself with a traditional makeover. At least one local craftsman recognises her from Eurovision — he’s got an image from her stage show on his wall. It’s all made with whimsy and charm, and you can’t help but smile.

Conceived in stark contrast to the darker and edgier “Amena”, the video and song show Iveta’s versatility….and with a heavy dose of Armenian spice.

What do you think of the music videos of “Amena” and “Hayastan Jan”? Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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William and Deban you know that Iveta was shineing at Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm. Her voice is so powerfull and so beautifull. In 2016 All International Media was talking about Iveta Mukuchyan, her performance and Justin Liked it. Everybody was takeing interviews with Iveta. I think that the real winner was Iveta Mukuchyan in Eurovision 2016

I really like the intro part of Amena and the song itself is cool too. But I think it’s pathetic how 70 percent of the Armenian songs are nationalistic and the most of music videos feature soldiers and guns. This is just too aggressive. So the second one is annoying. And it’s ridiculous to call this culture Armenian or Azeri because both countries have been living in the same region for centuries and there is nothing with sharing similar elements of their cultures. Reading all these comments about how Azeris suddenly ‘appeared’ in 1918 is funny, lol. Yeah, we were… Read more »

Congrats, you already noticed it 🙂

Oleg Bondarenko

The word “armenia” was invented after World War 1. Until the mentioned war there wasn’t “armenian” history and culture as ” the hayks” were the ethic minority and vassals in the long-lasting Ottoman Empire.


Hi Azeri “Bondarenko”. Sometimes check history books and ancient maps.


She is fake. Why armenians sorry hays always steal azeri culture songs etc. ? Armenians dont have own culture. I am sorry for them


I am sorry for you unknown person but I have a question: “Where were azeris when Armenians were fighting for their culture, statehood, handwriting, areas and freedom? Were were azeris when Armenians were making their music, dances, songs, stories…? Where were azeris when Armenians accepted Christianity as the state religion? … when Komitas collected Armenian songs sung by many old Armenian people in their own lands? ……

There is one answer….


Azeris officially appeared in 1919, which means that they even don’t have a century history.

This is the Armenian culture and it’s unique and original.

Yerevan is calling

Dear Rashad,

I have huge doubts that 70 percent of the Armenian songs are nationalistic and the most of music videos feature soldiers and guns. But agree that there are some and that is because of situation of war! As you know last year both sides had a lot of victims and such situation had it’s impact on culture!
And yes Armenians lived in the neighbourhood with Caucasian Albanians (more than 20 Caucasian /Lezgin/ speaking tribes), Iranian speaking Atropatenians and later with Ural Altayic /Turkic/ speacking Azerbaijanians for quite a long time 😉


Tar,duduk, carpet designs and food in this video clip are the symbols of Azerbaijaini tradition.


You will never be quite, because Armenians make a masterpiece , you are nothing for us, you re just dissatisfied people , who were never had a success in music, dance and language. Even Turkish language, doesn’t make you originally, and claim that Armenians steal something , that means you are jealous azeris.


Don’t pay attention please. As it is said in Armenian “A red cow will never change its leather”. Azeris have always been envious and will continue to falsify the truth.

Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Uzbek, Tatar and etc, they are all turkic languages. Turkish and Azerbaijani are related closely to each other because we are Oghuz tribe of turkic people. I won’t talk about the symbols as we (Azerbaijanians and Armenians) never deal with each other and commenting on them would cause problem which I really don’t want to be involved in this agrument that goes nowhere. I just wanted you to know that language that is spoken in Turkey is one of the turkic languages and just because of it is called “turkish” that doesn’t mean it is the official… Read more »

Azerbaijani tradition? I’m sorry but a country that was formed in 1918 cannot possibly make claims against a tradition..


These three caucasian regions (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia) were formed in 1918. But that doesn’t mean that they did not exist before, they existed before but different names, then you know history another tribe comes and invades, rules some time, but then again the region becomes an independent country.
Both nations hate each other that’s true, but this hatred is too much to claim that one nation didn’t have tradations.
And I’m not taking any one’s side. If I wanted I could, as I’m an Azerbaijani.
I really think that before everything we’re humans, we don’t have to insult each other.


Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Hayastan. LOL


LoveWave was a masterpiece. Dashterov is good too.


@LiGhts – Armenia was around since 4th century BC. Before you go around falsifying history, you should look up the Armenian kingdom of the first century and all their achievements. Georgia and its predecessor, the Iberian empire has been around since 1-2nd centuries, Azerbaijan on the other hand was created in 1918 based on various Caucasian tribes who moved to that region 12-14 centuries.


@Ron you’ve replied wrong comment. anyhow, my history knowledge is quite good, and let’s assume that it is not, we have wikipedia, fortunatelly. 🙂
Good night, good bye. 🙂


Iveta is amazing. She needs far more recognition and fame in Europe than she does now.