BQL Heart of Gold video

They may have lost out to Eurovision returnee Omar Naber at EMA 2017, but BQL will get their chance at representing Slovenia during this year’s OGAE Second Chance Contest.

And while OGAE fan clubs across the globe make their minds up and casts their votes, the EMA 2017 runners-up have unveiled the official video of their national final entry “Heart of Gold”.

Raay — one half of power couple Maraaya and the song’s composer — tells wiwibloggs that the brothers released the video as a thank you to all of those fans who chose it as their personal winner at EMA and who made it such a big hit. It’s still on the Slovenian Airplay Charts all these weeks later.

“Heart of Gold” official video

Despite the tropical vibes in the song, BQL have kept things relatively simple in their video — produced by Karo Media in association with Metrum Films. No palm trees here!

Set on a small theatre stage, the brotherly duo of Anej and Rok Pileticha sing before a small projector light that shines through the darkness.

Various camera shots see Anej playing the guitar and Rok working the piano — just as they did at EMA 2017 — alongside a smoke machine that revs up later in the video. Nestled between the brothers is a girl, suggesting she’s their heart of gold.

“Heart of Gold” EMA 2017 Final performance

“Heart of Gold” was written by Slovenia’s Eurovision 2015 representatives Maraaya, who also worked with BQL on their first post-EMA single “It’s Complicated”. Anej provided the lyrics whilst Raay helped with the arrangement of the song.

BQL became an instant fan favourite with the Wiwi Jury and our readers days before the EMA 2017 final. And while they won over the televoters, they only managed to finish fourth with the regional juries.

Despite the final result, every cloud has a silver lining. BQL were awarded the SLOTOP50 BUM award, as a result of “Heart of Gold” being the most played single of the week following their Slovenian top 50 chart debut.

Can BQL win this year’s OGAE Second Chance Contest? Would Slovenia have qualified with their entry? Let us know in the comments below!

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They need to OGAE’s Second Chance 2017! Vote for Heart Of Gold! They deserve it.


So unfortunate this didn’t represent Slovenia at Eurovision , this would have qualified for the final for sure and the boys would have had enough time to practice to perfection their performance in time for the contest. Their performance at their national final was not great , so guess this was the reason they didn’t proceed , coming a close second!


I’m really sure this would rock on the Eurovision stage as well, offering by far the best Slovenian result ever. 3rd to 8th place in the final would be sure. This song is really good, dancie, and the performance looks even better!

I love Omar, but this one deserved it so much more!!!

Polegend Godgarina

They’re doing too much on this okay song. Let’s not pretend it would have made it to the Eurovision finals…


We wouldn’t have to pretend.It would. So no need would have arisen to pretend!!

Continued chart success is a measure of quality.

Polegend Godgarina

It’s not that special though, and radio chart success in a country of 2 million doesn’t say much.

Unknown Melody

Chart success is not a measure of quality at all unless you mean quality of promotion. I do think they’d have done well though.


Maintaining the position in charts is all about quality!! Peak positions and appearance can be due to promotions but if they lack quality they will soon fall out of the charts!!

We’re falling in!! We’re falling out but we gravity gravity eh!!


I remember Kesha’s Tik Tok was something like 10 weeks #1 in the US and also the best-selling single in that year. That’s pure quality.


my favourite in this year`s eurovision! I still play it every day1


I’m hoping that they will win OGAE Second Chance. They deserve it more than anyone. They were Robbed with the capital R.


“BQL” is Slovenian for “robbed”.
I hope they’ll return to EMA!


I like Staying power. He he.
Despite what personal opinions may be staying power is the ultimate judgement on quality.