Cyprus: Broadcaster reportedly will internally select songwriter for 2018


It’s the sunny Mediterranean nation who have competed at Eurovision 34 times without a win. Now more information has been revealed about Cyprus‘ plans for a revamped national selection. Fan media is reporting that the Cypriot broadcaster is in the process of internally selecting a well known songwriter to compose its song for Lisbon. And it’s not Thomas G:Son.

INFE Greece is reporting that broadcaster RIK is in talks with a “well known and successful” songwriter, who will be tasked with writing the Cypriot entry for Eurovision 2018.

The composer is described as some who has had “many successes” and is considered to be knowledgable about what makes a good Eurovision entry. This suggests a songwriter who has previously competed at Eurovision, but INFE Greece aren’t saying who it might be.

But the wheels seem to be in motion. The songwriter will reportedly soon travel to Cyprus to formalise matters with the Cypriot broadcaster.

Earlier it was reported that Cyprus will return to a national final for their 2018 selection. Cyprus last used a national final in 2015, where John Karayiannis won with his gentle ballad “One Thing I Should Have Done”.

But unlike the 2015 selection, the new 2018 show will reportedly only select the singer. Like Israel’s The Next Star For Eurovision and Armenia’s Depi Evratesil, Cyprus’ national final will select the singer for Eurovision. Their song will be internally selected at a later time — and that’s where the mystery songwriter comes in.

The Swedish songwriter Thomas G:son — who has been behind Cyprus’ two most recent entries — is confirmed as not being the songwriter for 2018. While the Swedish maestro had a Eurovision win with “Euphoria” in 2012 his magic hasn’t quite rubbed on off Cyprus. While both Minus One and Hovig made the grand final, they both placed only 21st.

Cyprus has been competing in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1981. They’ve competed 34 times — which makes them the country to compete at Eurovision the most number of times without a victory. They will surely be looking to Portugal for inspiration on how to break that dry spell!

Broadcaster RIK is expected to reveal more information about the 2018 selection process later in the year.

Image: Andres Putting (Eurovision.TV)

What do you think? Is Cyprus making the right move by internally selecting their song and songwriter? Can Cyprus score their first Eurovision victory? Sound off below!