Spain: David Civera wants to return to Eurovision in 2018


He’s the man behind Spain’s best Eurovision result of the 21st century: A sixth place finish in 2001.

That year David Civera stormed the Copenhagen stage with his infectious number “Dile que la quiero” (Tell her that I love her), laying the groundwork for a huge hit in Spain.

David Civera “Dile que la quiero” at Eurovision 2001

Since then David has kept on releasing music, notching up three other hits. But he turned up the volume last year when he released his 12th album: a compilation of his best songs celebrating his 15 years in the business.

On Monday things got louder yet again when David confirmed that he’s preparing a song for Eurovision 2018. In an interview with newspaper La Opinión de Murcia, he said that he has “a proposal which the country will not be able to refuse”. Why does he speak as if he was the Godfather, you may ask? Well, just look at his video for “Que la detengan” (below).

Monday’s news gives credence to the speculation about a potential Eurovision bid which started earlier this year. Back in February he took part in Objetivo Eurovision as part of the interval act, and hinted that he could be interested in Eurovision again.

David Civera “Que la detengan”

David describes his audience as “familiar” and says that they respect and enjoy Eurovision, so he thinks it will be easy to enchant them with his 2018 song. And yes, by familiar he means mature. It’s a nice way to say that the median age of your fan base is over 50.

You’re being too harsh, Luis! Yes, maybe. I mean, it’s not that “Dile que la quiero” wasn’t a great song. It was — but for 2001. As were his other hits. “Que la detengan” and “Bye, Bye” made the whole country dance, but if you ask someone if they know a David Civera song released after 2004, they’ll probably go blank.

David seems to want to drive his career forward by playing with genre. At Objetivo Eurovisión he sang a pop-rock version of his Eurovision song, which pushed it closer to ESDM’s song in 2013. And we know how that ended.

David Civera “Dile que la quiero” at Objetivo Eurovisión 2017

We don’t yet know what David’s Eurovision song will sound like, but if his approach is anywhere near the OE version, then we’re not optimistic…

Do you think David Civera could create a hit to represent Spain in 2018? Will the public back him? And will you? Let us know in the comments box below.