Eurovision Asia: Television New Zealand confirms interest in contest…so who should sing?


It’s the land from down under that’s had a less enthusiastic attitude towards Eurovision than its Australian neighbours. But things could be changing with the news that New Zealand‘s national broadcaster Television New Zealand is investigating involvement in Eurovision Asia.

Last week, the European Broadcasting Union confirmed plans to launch an Asia-Pacific version of its popular European song competition. While no countries have formally confirmed for the Asia-Pacific contest, several have expressed interest — and now New Zealand joins that list.

Stuff news reports that national broadcaster Television New Zealand is interested in participating in the inaugural EASC. They reported:

A TVNZ spokeswoman said the company had been looking into joining the Asia-Pacific competition, but she added it was early days yet. The competition was understood to be a while off, and TVNZ’s spokeswoman said no details had been finalised between the station and Eurovision organiser.

While it’s not quite a “hell yes!”, it is the most enthusiastic a New Zealand broadcaster has been towards Eurovision in many years.

Australia may have been broadcasting Eurovision for well over 30 years, but on the other side of the Tasman Sea, the contest barely registers among New Zealanders and does not currently have a local broadcaster.

But there is a small, enthusiastic and growing Kiwi Eurovision fan base who are thrilled at the idea of their country being among those debuting at Eurovision Asia in 2018.

The closest New Zealand has previously come to Eurovision involvement was earlier this year when a New Zealand winery was selected as the official wine supplier for Kyiv.

And way back in 1979, New Zealand won the inaugural (but short-lived) South Pacific Song Quest. The Eurovision-inspired competition was won by young Maori singer Tina Cross with “Nothing But Dreams”.

There’s no doubt that with a potential international audience in the millions, participating in Eurovision Asia will be a huge opportunity for the chosen artist and will show off the best of New Zealand’s music industry. There’s more to New Zealand popular music than Lorde, y’all!

Who would you like to see represent Aotearoa New Zealand at Eurovision Asia? Let us know your favourites in the comments below!