In recent days she’s used her Instagram account to tease her new single with her band Blissful.

And on Thursday Iceland’s Svala finally presented “Make It Better” — a smooth, chill-out track that conveys her sense of California cool.

The sensual track reads like a love letter — tinged with lust — and gives rhythm to her yearnings of both the heart and the body.

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“I’m addicted to the way you love me now, you can teach me just show me how,” she sings in breathy whispers. “We’re so perfect together tonight, you’re like a star shining so bright.”

The repetition of certain words — now, wow, down — seem to mimic a speeding pulse, adding to the erotic feel.

It’s a stark contrast to Svala’s Eurovision 2017 track “Paper”, in which she sang of overcoming problems. Here, the Icelandic beauty doesn’t persevere — she submits to a wave of desire.

“I’m obsessive, how about a kiss?” she sings. “I can’t fake this — it’s you I miss. You’re so perfect alone tonight.”

“Make it Better” — Svala

In mid-April, prior to jetting off to Europe, Svala caught up with wiwibloggs in Los Angeles.

Wearing oversized earrings, an edgy black top and black spectacles, she showed off her artistic flair as she fielded questions inside the beautiful Echo Park.

What does she miss about Iceland? A lot.

“Obviously family, friends, candy — Icelandic candy,” she says. “The food, water, the air, nature. I mean there’s a bunch of things. Thank God we have Skype so I can Skype my family and friends all the time.”

How did she feel about all the positivity for her song “Paper”?

“I’m just very thankful and just humbled by it. The song is really personal — I wrote the song about a very personal experience. It’s about dealing with difficulties in life.”

“I’ve been very open in the media in Iceland that I’ve dealt with anxiety since I was a teenager. I wanted to write a song about when I deal with difficulties and how I overcome them.”

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