Still got #ThatFeeling! JOWST and Aleksander Walmann release Eurovision follow-up single


Their first single “Grab The Moment” took Norway to the top 10 at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

So it’s only natural that JOWST and singer Aleksander Walmann have decided to keep their collaboration going with the release of their follow-up track “ThatFeeling”.

“We have been working hard to get it right,” JOWST — real name Joakim — tell us. “It wasn’t easy creating a song that sounded better then GTM, but now I think we have done just that.”

“The song is in general about the feeling you get when you achieve things that you’ve been working hard for. Something that we felt when we got to play in the ESC final.”

“We are very happy with our 12 million Spotify streams, and are very exited to see ‘ThatFeeling’ pass that number!”

Utilising synths and a fair bit of voice distortion, the song sounds utterly now as it snakes between electronic, pop and trap. The instrumentation — most especially a digital xylophone — also gives us a hint of tropical house.

The song conveys optimism and glee without feeling cheesy. Much of that balance comes from Aleksander’s likability. We frequently cringe when singers launch into chatty, spoken word sections. But he comes off as sincere as he drops it with those sweet-yet-smokey vocals.

“Turn my back to the world it was pitch black,” he says. “Keep telling myself it’s just another mismatch/ Roaming on in a desolate wasteland/ Always on the lookout, searching for my Graceland.”

In our mind the track rivals “Grab The Moment” in terms of both quality and content, suggesting they’re on to another hit. And that’s not an easy feat to follow.

“Grab The Moment” topped the iTunes charts in Norway the day after their Melodi Grand Prix victory. Following Eurovision, where the song placed a solid 10th, the track climbed to #6 on the Norwegian charts.

Their Eurovision success has also helped land Aleksander a spot on Stjernekamp på NRK — a popular series that sees 10 celebrities fight for the title “Norway’s ultimate entertainer”.

Writing on Instagram on Wednesday, he said: “Sitting, waiting, wishing. I’m so ready for the @nrkstjernekamp premiereshow this Saturday! We are live at 19:55.”

Are you loving JOWST and Aleksander’s latest collaboration as much as we are? Do you hope that they keep releasing music together? Let us know in the comments box below.

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