Poll: Which countries would you like to see at Eurovision Asia 2018?


Good evening, Asia! Now that the ball is rolling on Eurovision Asia 2018, Eurovision fans the world over are speculating over which countries we are likely to see on stage at the inaugural contest next year. This is an exciting time for us fans, not only because we have another Eurovision event to geek out over, analyse and complain about, but because organisers want the fandom’s help. The team behind the new contest are asking for your opinions and thoughts on the contest. So let’s get the ball rolling by finding out which countries you’d most like to see competing at Eurovision Asia 2018.

As we reported yesterday, participating countries do not have to be full members of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. That opens the door for organisers to engage with a variety of broadcasters — both commercial and governmental — in areas from the United Arab Emirates to Tahiti.

Thinking wide and dreaming big, we’re including the nearly 70 countries within the Asia-Pacific region, 45 of which are members of the ABU, in our poll below. The contest is bound to grow in the years ahead and you never know what could happen in the future. Hong Kong, Samoa, North Korea — we’re laying it all out there.

Over the past few days we’ve bought you a small amount of musical delicacies from the likes of India, Kyrgyzstan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea and there’s so much more amongst the entirety of the Asia-Pacific region. Get listening. Get inspired. And get ready for Eurovision Asia 2018!

You can vote for as many countries as you like, but you can only vote once so make sure you make all your selections before hitting submit. Just click the box next to each country that titillates you.

And please note: We are including non-country entities as well. Hong Kong and Macau, for instance, already have broadcasters that are affiliated with the ABU, which suggests they could, in fact, compete as entities of their own.