Latvia: LTV opens Supernova entry to non-Latvian songwriters


Fifteen years ago they were the second Baltic nation to win Eurovision, but in recent years they’ve struggled to qualify for the grand final. Now Latvia‘s broadcaster LTV has released details of national final Supernova 2018 — and this time they’ve opened entry to songwriters from outside Latvia.

Supernova has been Latvia’s national selection since 2015. In its first year, it was responsible for breaking a six-year drought of non-qualification, when Aminata took home an impressive sixth-place finish with “Love Injected”.

However, last year Supernova led to electro pop band Triana Park heading to Eurovision. While their song “Line” was a big fan favourite, the live performance failed to win over both televoters and juries, leading to a last-place finish in the first heat.

In order to inject some fresh blood into Supernova, LTV is now allowing foreign citizens to be involved in the production of songs. While the song performers still have to be Latvian, behind the scenes up to 30% of the credits can go to foreign songwriters or producers.

This move aims to attract experienced music creators who will be able to team up with their Latvian counterparts to help produce a higher standard of songs. Organisers hope this will make Supernova more competitive.

Supernova will also take inspiration from neighbouring Estonia and hold a songwriting camp, to put the focus on writing songs especially for Supernova and Eurovision.

The broadcaster has a strong idea what it wants from the winning Supernova entry. LTV says it’s looking for “contemporary pop music song that can compete on the international music market, as well as a focused and charismatic performer”.

Entries for Supernova 2018 will open this Wednesday, 6 September, and will close five and a half weeks later on October 15.

What do you think? Should Latvia open Supernova to foreign songwriters? Who would you like to see enter Supernova this season? Share your thoughts below!