Post-It notes can carry many messages. From grocery lists to reading notes, they help us stay on track and remember whatever matters most to us at any given moment.

But in our latest Eurovision game “Guess the star”, our little pink Post-Its carry something far more important — the hidden identity of a Eurovision star!

In Episode 2 of our new YouTube series, our bloggers place the bright squares on each other’s backs, and then try to guess the identity they’ve been assigned through a series of questions.

In this episode one of our vloggers gets a bit flustered as he struggles to identify his Eurovision persona. Will you have better luck?

Eurovision games: Guess the Star (Episode 2)

We’ve got more episodes coming your way. But if you’re still itching for something to do, why not check out our Eurovision charades playlist below?

We’re rewinding to the very first instalment of our 14-video series, when we first took turns shutting our mouths and shaking out tails as we attempt to enact Eurovision songs from the past.

We mime, gesticulate and get really frustrated. How many acts can you correctly identify?

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Deban should next time choose Max Jason Mai as his clue for William!! I’d be interested to see if William figures that out as fast


just using this to post an off-topic comment that maybe you are interested: Elina Born is participating in Estonian Your face Sounds Familiar show. I know you are big fans, so keep an eye on it!


And so is Kasia Mos who represented Poland this year! First episode tomorrow, I can’t wait! 😉


Oh Deban. Always thinking big without starting out small.

But that makes the game so fun! hahaha