Not dancing alone! Jana Burceska gives birth to baby girl Dona


In May she let the world know she was a mother-to-be in the postcard that preceded her performance of “Dance Alone” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

And on Wednesday Macedonian singer Jana Burceska announced that she had given birth to a bouncing baby girl named Dona (yes — Dona as in Kaliopi’s Eurovision 2016 song).

The 24-year-old star is said to be doing well and is busy bonding with her babe, who she shares with husband Aleksandar.

Getting pregnant wasn’t planned and Jana realised she was with child after signing up for the Eurovision gig. Bowing out was not an option for her.

Speaking with wiwiblogger William just hours before the grand final in Kyiv, the brunette bombshell dished on what it was like to be pregnant during the Eurovision promotional tour.

“Since I agreed on participating, of course I wanted to go all the way through,” she says.

Naturally singing for two presented some difficulties as she trekked through promo events in London, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and beyond.

“I don’t know if you know, but pregnant women get very sleepy,” she says. “So I was like zzzz at rehearsal — falling asleep and would take a nap for an hour and then continue. But I was dedicated and I worked hard.”

The gruelling Eurovision rehearsal schedule is enough to make anyone tired, let alone someone expecting their first child. Thankfully all that pre-Eurovision practice helped things go smoothly in Kyiv.

”I was already in good condition with the promo tours and all the interviews I did on those long days in London and Amsterdam especially…So I think I did pretty well.”

Did she ever let her secret slip?

“Sometimes while hanging out with the delegation I always wanted to make these pregnant women jokes, but I was like, ‘no one knows, so you better control yourself.’”

She had told her long-time partner that she’d love to marry him in the past. But his formal proposal on live television ahead of the semi-final results was a major shock.

”It was a surprise for me, but not for everyone else. The director of the show knew about it, the cameramen knew about it, the head of the Macedonian delegation and head of press knew about it, so there were like five people who knew, because everything needs to go through the EBU filter because you can’t just do whatever you want in the green room and apparently everything worked out perfectly well.”

“I almost lost if for a minute, like not the bad way, but I was sitting there — thank god I was seated — because if I was standing up I might have fainted…I couldn’t even hear what he was saying, I didn’t even see him. He was giving me the ring. People in the green room were like, ‘Take the ring. You need to take the ring’…even my finger nail fell off in all the excitement. But it’s fake, so…”

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