Albania: Elhaida Dani gets sultry with new single “Më Mbaj” – her first since “I’m Alive”


Two years ago she took Albania into the grand final with the powerful and upbeat song “I’m Alive”. Now Elhaida Dani is going in a different direction with the release of her sultry new single “Më Mbaj” (“Keep Me”).

Elhaida gained the support of many fans when she took Albania into the final in 2015 with “I’m Alive”. She’s been relatively quiet since then, but good things come to those who wait. Fans have now been rewarded with the sensual murmurs of the Albanian-language song “Më Mbaj”.

Unlike the fast and dramatic “I’m Alive”, this time Elhaida is taking the time to breathe and slow things down.

The video, shot by an Italian team, sees Elhaida in two different situations. In one, she’s shown in home video footage, laughing and smiling, having a good time. As she walks around a European city, it’s clear that this is a reflection of the past, when she was in a blissful relationship.

Otherwise, we see her by a swimming pool. Sometimes she’s in the pool, floating dramatically like an Albanian Ophelia. Other times she’s being dramatic and glamorous by the pool.

And as Elhaida revealed on social media, that swimming pool was cold. She’s not afraid to suffer for her art, y’all!

Nuk duket por në këtë foto po ngrija, është kapur menjëherë pas xhirimeve në pishinë për #mëmbaj 🏊 You cannot see, but in this pic I was #freezing 😫 #backstage

Posted by Elhaida Dani on Friday, October 13, 2017

And it looks like we won’t have to wait another two years for her next single. She has reportedly been working on tracks for her debut album, which is promising to serve some Italian-Albanian realness.

Albania at Eurovision 2018

Elhaida Dani got her ticket to Eurovision 2015 by winning the 53rd edition of Albania’s national final Festivali i Këngës. And the search is on again for Albanian artists to compete at FiK 56.

Broadcaster RTSH confirmed to fan media that Albania will participate in Eurovision 2018 and they will again use Festivali i Këngës to select their entry.

The use of Festivali i Këngës as Albania’s national final has been criticised for its inability to select good Eurovision entries. FiK requires Albanian lyrics and songs can be up to four minutes long, and they usually make the most of the live FiK orchestra. Winning songs are typically edited to fit the requirements of Eurovision and make it more appealing to international audiences. But fans argue such attempted revamps usually end up weakening the song.

But there’s a chance that Festivali i Këngës 56 — due to take place sometime in December — will change that. Entries for this year’s edition closed earlier this week, and later this year broadcaster RTSH will reveal the lucky contestants in this year’s contest.

What do you think of Elhaida Dani’s new single? And who would you like to see enter FiK 56? Who can take Albania to the grand final in Lisbon?