Feel the buzz! Robin Bengtsson opens his own barber shop


For Robin Bengtsson the last two years have been all about Melodifestivalen and Eurovision. But now the “I Can’t Go On” hitmaker has revealed that he can go on with other projects. The Swedish singer has just announced that he is diversifying his portfolio of interests and opening his very own barber shop in Stockholm.

According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, the Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2017 finalist owes his new venture to a friend who got a job in a barber shop. It just so happened that the owner is Kenny Solomons — the husband of fellow Melfest alum Tess from Alcazar.

“My friend had started working there as a barber and I completely fell in love with the place and became a regular,” the Swede tells the newspaper. “I have probably been there once a week since they opened.”

Along the way Robin and Kenny became good friends and talks about opening another barber shop took form.

“My friends were really surprised when they learned what I was about to do, but it will be incredibly fun,” Robin says.

The Melfest star also says that his three-year-old son William has been to the new shop, which is called Rusty Rascals, and that he gave it a thumbs up and even wrote his name on the wall.

Robin plans to spend as much time as he can in Rusty Rascals, especially in the beginning.

“I don’t want to lure people in because I’m Robin the artist,” he says. “But because it is a great concept and you have to deliver or else it won’t be good.”

But don’t worry: Even if the singer is busy with both the new barber shop adventure and his upcoming wedding, he still has plenty of time for music.

As we wrote two weeks ago, Robin has just released his new single “Dark Angel”.

The 27-year-old may not have a history running a barber shop, but if his own hair and beard are testament to the quality of Rusty Rascals then it looks like a safe investment.

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