Voice of my heart! Georgia’s Grigol Kipshidze unveils Junior Eurovision 2017 song “Gulis Khma”


He’s the first solo male singer to represent Georgia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

And today 12-year-old Grigol Kipshidze officially launched his bid to retain the title for his country on home ground, releasing his JESC 2017 song “Gulis Khma” (Voice of the Heart).

Singing in Georgian and nodding to the 90’s, Grigol delivers a soulful ballad that’s already drawing comparisons to Bruno Mars owing to a sound that’s at once throwback and somehow now. The song gives Grigol plenty of opportunities to show off that voice — a factor that helped Mariam Mammadashvili win Junior Eurovision last year.

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Composer Giga Kukhianidze — who has worked on all three of Georgia’s winning Junior Eurovision songs — teamed up with Grigol for his JESC number. Temo Sajaia provided the lyrics.

The song has already survived an open ballot, internal selection held by GPB. The jury consisted of producer Zaza Shengelia, singer Maia Baratashvili, musician Davit Evgenidze, and GPB representatives Eliso Shengelia and Giorgi Asanishvili.

A quick scan of social media reveals plenty of positive reviews.

“Amazing song, I wouldn’t be surprised if Georgia won again,” YouTube user Jeffrey writes. “Since last year Georgia is finally sending quality!”

Another user makes the Bruno Mars comparison: “It reminds me of Versace on the Floor, especially on the chorus, otherwise good song!”


Grigol took part in the most recent series of Georgia’s version of The X Factor. Competing against many older acts, he still made it all the way to the final. There’s music in his blood, too, as many of his family are musicians. Grigol also counts himself as a big fan of Michael Jackson, which may explain some of the vocal flourishes in his number.

Grigol will take to the stage alongside at least 15 other artists on 26 November inside Tbilisi’s Olympic Palace.


Performer: Grigol Kipshidze
Song title: Gulis Khma
Music by: Giga Kukhianidze
Lyrics by: Temo Sajaia

If you listen now, to the song that came to you
If you see it up, the sky full of light looks like a fairy tale
And you just today
You are the hero of the book of this world
So go ahead.

Infinite feel
Earth care
Now the time has come
Listen to the voice that it requires heat
Because the universe breathes in you.
Oh, this song sounds like your heart
Lala Lalala
Avoid this voice.

If today is just one
Plant and care the tree
Give life and you
If you feel the height of the mountains
You realize that you’ve wings and you go to the sun
Don’t lose this beauty.

Infinite feel
Earth care
Now the time has come
Listen to the voice
It requires heat and rhymes to everyone.

Today the earth is like a young child
And it feels to love
Our peace house
Our beautiful planet
I’ll tell you that we’ll warm ourselves up
Infinite feel
Listen to its voice
The earth looks like a young child.

What do you think of ”Voice of the Heart”? Are you feeling its optimistic message? And what about Grigol’s vocals?  Do you think that he can deliver a fourth trophy for Georgia? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!