Trick or Treat: Loïc Nottet loses his mind in Halloween-themed “Doctor” music video


With the release of his debut album in March, he soared into the top ten in the Belgian and French music charts. But now, Loïc Nottet is turning away from the alluring mirrors of Selfocracy to cover his face with smeared clown makeup, a metaphor for how a relationship is haunting him.

Just in time for Halloween, the Belgian Eurovision 2015 star has released the dark single “Doctor”. As we’ve come to expect from Loïc, the track is no trick — just pure treat.

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Musically, “Doctor” fits right in to the dark pop niche Loïc built on Selfocracy. With continuous singing from start to finish, it’s clear that Nottet’s distinct, emotional voice is the track’s main feature. Still, prominent bass synthesizer and bells add to the song’s eerie mood.

Loïc’s dynamic singing sets “Doctor” apart from his previous work. It matches his character’s descent into madness. In the final bridge, he creepily chuckles to himself over his insanity in a perfectly timed accent.

Nottet the Body Hunter

“Doctor” tells the story of a rushed relationship turned vindictive. Alone with his fears on the street, Nottet meets a girl who tells him flattering stories, and he dangerously puts all of his trust in her.

When the smoke clears the next morning, Nottet confesses to losing control and becoming a criminal — or more specifically — a “body hunter”. He’s makes sure to emphasise, though, that none of this is his fault. In fact, he pushes the blame for his lunacy onto her, claiming that by playing with him, she brought out a bloody beast.

And this bloody beast is not easily satiated. The “Rhythm Inside” hitmaker calls for revenge throughout the song, explaining that “shooting at bodies” is his way of being free. In a gruesome Halloween metaphor, he describes how me makes masterpieces with human bodies in some twisted game of hide-and-seek. Most importantly, Nottet makes it clear that no matter how horrible his actions may seem, he’s not sorry for them.

There might be one ray of hope for this vengeful Loïc, though. Repeating that he “doesn’t know what’s happening” to himself, Loïc asks who his saviour will be. And even though this girl pushed him to his knees, Nottet still wants her — deep down, he still wants to be in love.

Loïc Nottet “Doctor” (Official Music Video)

Music videos like those for “Million Eyes” and “Mud Blood” have left us to always expect creative modern dance from Loïc. It’s always been clear that he’s a double threat, but the “Doctor” music video captures just how strong an actor Nottet is, too.

Taking place over the course of Halloween night, the video treats us to shots of Nottet and this mysterious girl — both in costume — interspersed with shots of him in an argument on the phone. And whether he’s applying his makeup, smashing jack-o’-lanterns, or just jamming out in the car, Loïc brings the same frightening, seemingly unpredictable, dark energy. As the night progresses, Nottet’s dramatic makeup becomes more and more smeared, reflecting his descent into madness and loss of control.

Our advice for Halloween: listen to Loïc’s new song as much as you want (or can!), but try to keep your sanity intact.

What do you think of “Doctor”? Has Loïc given us a holiday treat, or nothing but a trick? Let us know in the comments section below.


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