Latvia: Competing acts selected for Supernova 2018… but they won’t be revealed until January


Earlier in the week, 30 shortlisted acts performed their Supernova entries in the live judging round. And now the judges have made a decision. But we won’t find out who is heading to Latvia‘s national final until January.

Sixty-three songs made it to the Supernova longlist. They were voted on by the People’s Jury and assessed by an expert panel. From there, 30 were invited to the live audition round, held at Riga’s Alfa shopping centre.

The judges viewed live performances of all 30 acts and have now made their decision on who will make it to the Supernova heats in the new year. The panel was made up of Supernova producer Ilze Jansone, music producer DJ Rudd, Supernova host Toms Grevins and jazz singer Jolanta Gulbe.

But while the artists themselves know if they have been successful, fans won’t find out who is in until January.

LTV has revealed that ten of the successful acts were unanimous favourites of the panel. The rest, however, were less clear. The jury needed a bit of constructive debate before they could agree on the rest of the acts.

LTV has not confirmed the number of acts who have made it to the heats. Last year 22 acts made it to the Supernova shows. This year it is expected that between 18 and 24 acts will have qualified.

DJ Rudd revealed that not all of his favourite songs had made the cut. “But”, he said, “this is also the task of the jury – to offer as many angles as possible.”

Fellow jury member Jolanta Gulbe said she was surprised by some newer artists. “It seemed that there was nothing special in the recording,” she said, “but the perception changed completely when watching the live performance.”

The line-up of Supernova 2018 will be revealed by late January 2018. The acts will soon start preparations with the broadcaster.


These 30 songs made the live audition round earlier this week. Around two-thirds of these songs have made the shortlist of acts who will perform at the heats in February.

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Photo: Supernova/Lauris Viksna