Rising up: Finland’s Emma moves on and enters San Marino’s national selection


She was the UMK 2017 favourite who missed out on representing her country at Eurovision. But Finland’s Emma is making another attempt. She’s auditioning for San Marino‘s national selection, 1 In 360.

The “Circle of Light” singer has been documenting the process on her vlog. She’s been sharing the process with her fans, from the decision to audition for San Marino, to selecting the right audition song.

She’s also shared the emotional side of the process, the difficulty of getting back up again after the events in UMK 2017. In one emotional segment, Emma said, “I have no strength at all to fall again.”

But all the pieces came together and she submitted her audition. Standing in a stairwell (great acoustics, y’all!) Emma sang Andra Day’s “Rise Up”.

The song is all about getting back up, even when the going gets tough. She sings, “I’ll rise up/In spite of the ache/I’ll rise up/And I’ll do it a thousand times again”.

Emma’s fans are well behind her. The video now has well over 3000 views and almost 400 likes.

On YouTube, ESC_And_195 wrote “This is way too beautiful… Every time I hear it I just get goosebumps all over!” While NVideos reckons, “If San Marino chooses her, then they will have a top 10 finalist AT LEAST!”

Emma is keeping her fans in the loop with social media. She recently gave a shout out to her supporters, and couldn’t resist using our favourite phrase: let’s do this!

Oh my! 😳😍 THANK YOU! For all your support and lovley comments! ❤️ You really have no idea what this means to me! 😭❤️ CAN…

Posted by Emma Official on Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Sweden-based music teacher entered Finland’s national selection UMK with the song “Circle of Light”. It became an early fan favourite, with many assuming it would easily win the national final.

However, despite giving a great performance in the jury rehearsal, Emma’s live performance at the grand final was plagued by a myriad of heartbreaking technical problems.

While the song was as good as ever, the performance was a disappointment. However, Emma still placed third in the competition and was popular with both the international juries and Finnish televoters.

The experience and its fallout was tough for Emma and she opened up about it in an emotional vlog.

“I felt like I was drowning” — Emma shares emotional video about UMK 2017 and fight against depression

But, as Emma explained, she had learned a valuable lesson from the experience. She said:

I realised one very very important thing during all of this and it’s that I will not let hate define me — who I am as a person or who I am as an artist. I know my place in this world. I know my skills. I know my potential. I know what I can do. And I know where I am going and heading. I will get there one way or another.

It seems that Emma is very much on her way to an exciting new stage. We’ve been listening to all the audition videos for 1 In 360, and we have to say that Emma’s audition is easily among the best. The girl can sing!

What do you think? Should 1 In 360 select Emma for the heats? Who else would you like to see in the San Marino heats? Share your thoughts below!