Should the Czech Republic send Mikolas Josef to Eurovision 2018 with “Lie to Me”?


On November 16, Czech broadcaster CT closed its Eurovision 2017 song submission period — its first selection process run under its new Head of Delegation.

And three days later Mikolas Josef — a perennial favourite among Czech Eurovision fans — released his new single “Lie to Me”, which a number of fans — myself included — are hoping he submitted to CT for Eurovision.

A current song with an infectious rhythm and a fresh beat, it would break CT’s streak of ballads: this number mixes trap music, R&B and pop to great effect and comes with some seriously saucy lyrics. As he says, “Oh, she a good girl at home, but her skirt goes up like Marilyn Monroe.”

Whether he submitted this number or not, the video gives a sense of his daring aesthetic and artistic sensibility. He’s easy on the eyes and he isn’t afraid to slip into ripped jeans and mount a camel.

And while his swagger would be easy enough for the broadcaster to embrace, could they cope with his occasionally foul lyrics? They may just have to change the Gosh darnit to something a bit more palatable like “so freaking beautiful” for the EBU. But surely that’s not so big of a deal. The song is currently tearing up the radios here in the Czech Republic and has been met with a very positive reception.

Mikolas previously confirmed to wiwibloggs that he is in talks with the Czech delegation and that we might expect a decision in January. Let’s keep our fingers crossed then…

He’s no stranger to the Eurovision rumour mill. He hoped to represent his country last year, but lost out to Martina Barta in the behind-the-scenes negotiations. No matter. His passion remains — as he showed in an interview last November when he said his only goal would be victory at Eurovision. He also mentioned that he would love to incorporate some of his other talents — including breakdancing and gymnastics — into a potential ESC performance. Those theatrics would def fit with this song.

For now we’ll have to wait for CT’s decision. But what’s yours? Are you feeling him and this song? Would you be happy to see Mikolas Josef on stage in Lisbon? Comment down below!

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