Junior Eurovision online voting: Which countries did you vote for?


On Friday, and for the first time ever, producers of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest allowed viewers from all over the world to vote in the contest.

The much-discussed “online voting” segment opened at 18:00 CET and allows anyone to vote for up to five of their favourites after watching a short re-cap video of all the rehearsal performances. Then, if they want to, they can watch one-minute clips of each participant’s rehearsal.

The first phase of voting closes on Sunday at 15:59 CET — precisely one minute before the live broadcast of the show. It’ll then re-open after the last performance and everyone will have the opportunity to vote again.

Writing in the comments section of our jury preview, readers are already sounding off on who they supported. But we want to take the forecasting and predicting further. In our poll below please let us know which countries you actually did vote for.

We’re curious to see how this compares with our Junior Eurovision 2017 poll, which we opened a few weeks before rehearsals (and which Belarus’ Helena Meraai won with 29% of the vote).

This newer poll — which comes after the rehearsals and reflects real-life voting patterns — may give us a better indicator of where things stand.

Visit the Junior Eurovision 2017 online voting page