Junior Eurovision 2017 results: Russia’s Polina Bogusevich wins


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 sped by in a flash of LEDs and high notes. Australia’s Isabella Clarke worked the runway in a silver catsuit. Albania’s Ana Kodra made it clear you should stay away from her tree. And Portugal’s Mariana Venâncio served us adorable emoji realness. But in the end it was Polina Bogusevich from Russia who won the day with her song “Wings”.

Tacking important social issues — including domestic violence and abuse — she served a pitch-perfect power ballad backed by major power. It was all accompanied by interpretive dancing and a dramatic LED, that saw her bedroom splitting in half because of tensions at home. As wiwiblogger Robyn wrote ahead of the show:

“Russia delivers. ‘Wings’ is a sophisticated pop ballad, given a flawless vocal from Polina. Even the key change doesn’t feel too cloying — and given how dramatic the song is, it makes sense. The only weakness is perhaps the English language section. Honestly, the song would be as strong without it. But by the time the song comes along with the gorgeous harmonies of the ending, all is forgiven.”

Speaking to wiwiblogger Rezo Mamsikashvili ahead of the final, Polina told us that she never expected to win the national selection in Russia earlier this year.

“I was very ill when I was singing — I had a temperature and a lot of illness,” she said. “I was crying — I was so tired from this. I couldn’t believe this. I thought I would drop. Doctors told me, ‘You won’t sing — you are very bad’…but when I won I couldn’t believe it. I thought I would just fly home with nothing.”

Junior Eurovision 2017 results

Jury results

Georgia’s Grigol Kipshidze, who finished second overall, managed to win the jury vote, receiving top marks from six countries.

Armenia gave 12 points to Georgia
Poland gave 12 points to Georgia
Belarus gave 12 points to Georgia
Albania gave 12 points to Georgia
Ukraine gave 12 points to Georgia
Russia gave 12 points to Georgia

Portugal gave 12 points to Russia
FYR Macedonia gave 12 points to Russia
Georgia gave 12 points to Russia
Australia gave 12 points to Russia

Ireland gave 12 points to Poland
Malta gave 12 points to Belarus
Cyprus gave 12 points to Armenia
The Netherlands gave 12 points to Australia
Serbia gave 12 points to Ukraine

Italy gave 12 points to Malta

Georgia won the jury vote of #junioreurovision 2017! Congratulations! ??#jesc #jesc2017 #shinebright

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Televote results

Our “online voting” poll, which we opened shortly after online voting opened on Friday, proved accurate, with Fource from The Netherlands winning the televote segment.

1. The Netherlands 112 points
2. Malta 81
3. Australia 79
4. Belarus 69
5. Ukraine 67
6. Russia 66
7. Poland 61
8. Armenia 56
9. Italy 49
10. Portugal 45
11. Serbia 44
12. Georgia 42
13. Ireland 42
14. FYR Macedonia 41
15. Cyprus 40
16. Albania 35

For the first time ever, JESC officials allowed voters to cast their votes prior to the actual show. On Friday the online voting portal opened. After sitting through a brief recap that showed clips of each act rehearsing, fans could choose between three and five acts each. If they needed extra info to make their decision, they could choose to watch one-minute clips of each individual act rehearsing (rather than a full-on recap of all 16).

Initial voting closed just before performances started this afternoon. It re-opened immediately after the last act.

It wasn’t without incident though. Within seconds tens of thousands of fans rushed to vote again, overworking the server which seemed to freeze or crash.

Interestingly, viewers were allowed to vote for ANY country they wanted — and that included their own.

What do you think of the results? Were you surprised by the jury or the televote? Let us know down below!

Winner’s press conference

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