Melodifestivalen 2018 odds: Mariette favourite to win ahead of Benjamin Ingrosso and Liamoo


The list of Melodifestivalen 2018 artists has only been out for a few hours, but the bookmakers at UNIBET have already drafted their first set of odds to win — and they’ve got two returnees at the top of the pile.

As of 16:00 GMT on 28 November, two-time participant Mariette is the favourite to win with her song “For You”, which she described to us as a “groovy mid-uptempo song”. She’s currently the front-runner with odds of 4.00.

Within the Melfest fandom she’s perhaps the most high-profile returnee, having finished third on her debut in 2015 and fourth last year. She’s also got lots of support from within Eurovision circles, as she won the OGAE Second Chance Contest earlier this year, having initially been put forth by the members of OGAE Sweden. Will they show up to vote for her this spring?

Mariette: “For You” is a groovy pop song for Melodifestivalen 2018

The bookies’ second favourite to win on this first day of analysis is Benjamin Ingrosso, who made his competitive debut last year with the song “Good Lovin'”.

He came fifth last year, just behind Mariette, and is riding a wave of momentum following the success of his most recent single “One More Time”.

In recent weeks, Aftonbladet reported that his participation was dependent on him finding the right song, so we can rest assured that “Dance You Off” fits him to a T.

He’s currently down in second with odds of 6.50.

Singer and rapper Liam Cacatian Thomassen — who performs as Liamoo — was the winner of the 2016 edition of Swedish Idol.

His debut single “Playing with Fire” reached No.6 in the Swedish charts. Earlier this year he released another flame-related single, “Burn”.

He’s currently joint second favourite alongside Benjamin and the highest-rated of all the debutants in the competition. The bookies have their ear to the ground and clearly there is chatter around this one.

Dotter, who co-wrote Mariette’s song “A Million Years” in 2017,  is currently third favourite with odds of 10.00, followed by Jessica Andersson at 12.00.

Jessica is a six-time Melodifestivalen veteran. In 2003 she performed at Eurovision as part of Fame, who placed fifth in Riga with “Give Me Your Love”. (There’s also a massive portrait of her hanging in my home office).

She’s joint fifth favourite with Norwegian DJ Kampferdrops, who also has odds of 12.00.

Melodifestivalen 2018: Betting odds

  • Mariette 4.00
  • Benjamin Ingrosso 6.50
  • Liamoo 6.50
  • Dotter 10.00
  • Jessica Andersson 12.00
  • Kamferdrops 12.00
  • Samir och Viktor 14.00
  • Sigrid Bernson 16.00
  • Margaret 16.00
  • Olivia Eliasson 21.00
  • Emmi Christensson 21.00
  • Felicia Olsson 21.00
  • Mimi Werner 21.00
  • Martin Almgren 26.00
  • Ida Redig 26.00
  • Renaida Braun 26.00
  • Jonas Gardell 31.00
  • Moncho 36.00
  • Kalle Moraeus 36.00
  • John Lundvik 36.00
  • Elias Abbas 41.00
  • Kikki Danielsson 41.00
  • Rolandz 41.00
  • Barbie Escobar 51.00
  • Felix Sandman 51.00
  • Mendez 51.00
  • Edward Blom 51.00
  • Stiko Per Larsson 51.00