Belarus: BTRC confirms details for 2018 national final… and it’s a lot later than usual


It took a while, but finally Minsk is calling with details of the Belarus selection process. Belarusian broadcaster BTRC has now confirmed details of the 2018 national final.

Belarus’ Eurovision national final comes later than usual this season. Normally Belarus is one of the first countries to select their entrant for the contest. In 2017, NAVIBAND were chosen on 20 January after a thrilling voting sequence. But for 2018, the final will take place no later than 1 March 2018.

The Belarusian broadcaster BTRC revealed some details of the selection. The submission period is open until 26 December. Just like last year, Belarusian singers and songwriters are as welcome, as well as foreign or even stateless persons.

At the beginning of January, the country’s legendary live auditions will take place. The jury will decide no later than 14 January which acts will proceed to the final stage of the selection.

The maximum of 15 acts will be selected for the final is 15. However, in recent years, this number hasn’t always been reached as the jury has claimed that there weren’t 15 acts of a sufficient quality. Last year, 13 songs participated in the final; the year before that, only ten.

You can’t mark your calendars yet, as BTRC has yet to confirm the official date of the grand final. However, they have said that it won’t be any later than 1 March.

The voting procedure will be the same as last year: the jury will give 50% of the points, while the other 50% is determined by televoting.

Meanwhile, several former Belarusian national final acts have entered San Marino‘s 1 In 360 selection. Lithuanian-born Belarusian diva Janet is one of them. She has tried to represent Belarus at Eurovision right from Belarus’s debut in 2004. She has tried to represent the country as well in 2006, 2014, 2015 and 2016.She achieved her best result in 2014, where she placed third. Janet has entered her song “Dragonfly” in 1 In 360.

Two-time finalist Tasha Odi, who participated in 2014 and 2015, also submitted to the selection, entering her new song “Empty Hearted”. Both Janet and Tasha’s songs are written by the prolific Swedish songwriting duo Ylva & Linda.

Last year’s finalist Angelika Pushnova has also entered her national final performance of “We Should Be Together”, which finished ninth back then. Angelika has been selected as one of the fan club wildcard nominees and faces a further vote.

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