Lithuania: Donny Montell teases Eurovizijos atranka comeback…as Erica Jennings confirms ambitions


Lithuania’s application process for their marathon selection Eurovizijos dainu konkurso nacionaline atranka ended on December 1, and ever since then Eurovision veteran Donny Montell has been teasing fans with the idea of his potential participation.

He’s not the only former Eurovision star (seemingly) longing to fly the Lithuanian flag at Eurovision 2018. Eurovision 2001 participant and Skamp member Erica Jennings has confirmed her ambitions and submissions.

Erica and Donny were, you’ll remember, the two favourites during the 2016 edition of Lithuania’s selection. Erica’s “Leading Me Home” won the semi final, but ultimately lost the battle to Donny Montell’s “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” in the final.

Donny — the winner of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2016 — teased fans last week as speculation mounted that he would participate again — this time as part of a duo with rap star Egidijus Dragunas of the Lithuanian group SEL.

As his apparent duet partner jokingly told news site 15min: “I think our experience and this piece of work are exactly what we need for Eurovision.”

Donny subsequently went on Instagram and shared this screengrab of the article, whose title reads “Egidijus Dragunas and Donny Montell want to shake up the Eurovision scene.”

He captioned the photo: “And why not!?… third time lucky, let it be with Egiu. What do my biggest Eurovision fans think?”

Many Eurovision fans screamed “Taip!” — that’s “Yes!” in Lithuanian.

Erica Jennings confirms two song submissions

Donny is not the only former Lithuanian Eurovision contestant who is eager to represent his country again, as Erica Jennings is doing all she can to get to Lisbon next year.

Erica says she has not one, but two songs for the competition: one ballad and one dance number.

She told 15min:

“For a long time I could not choose which one to turn to — it became a real dilemma for me. But when I discovered that I can participate in the selection with both and that there are no rules that prohibit it, I thought, ‘Why not?’ Let the audience choose which they like best. Or maybe neither will please you! You might not fall for it. But I really believe in these works.”

We will have to wait until later in the season to find out if Donny Montell or Erica Jennings are among the twenty lucky acts to participate in Lithuania’s Eurvovizijos atranka.

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